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Mechanical Repair Sleeves  
The system is comprised of a stainless steel structural core, which uses a mechanical lock to hold it against the host pipe, the core is either surrounded by a gasket or uses two o-ring type gaskets on each end, depending on the application.  Limit straps prevent the sleeve from expanding beyond a preset diameter, preventing it from harming the host pipe.Mechancial Repair Sleeves
Gaskets are placed on the sleeve on site before the sleeve is installed.  Being monitored by a CCTV camera, the sleeve is positioned over the damaged area in the sewer.  The air plug is then inflated to expand the sleeve until the locks engage.  The air plug is then deflated and withdrawn.  Ensure that the locking mechanisms are placed at the crown of the pipe to minimize trapping debris.Mechanical Repair Sleeve
 Mechanical Repair Sleeve
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