Telephone No.


Fax No.


Robin M. Naitove, CPA Comptroller24850-414-4151 850-412-8019
Kelly SowellDeputy Comptroller - Disbursement Operations 42850-414-4781850-414-4490
Lisa L. Evans, CPADeputy Comptroller - Financial Management 24850-414-4172 850-414-4446
Jason Adank, CPADeputy Comptroller - General Accounting 42-B850-414-4864 800-414-4891
Jennifer GunterCash Forecasting and Funds Management Manager    24850-414-4279  
Tim OlssonProject Cost and Federal Projects Administration Manager42850-414-4261 
Mark RissingerInfo Tech Business Consultant Manager24850-414-4837  
Cheryl WardRevenue Management Administrator42850-414-4866 
Timothy HsiehAccts Receivable and Local Funds Agreements Admin42850-414-4867  
Thomas LemacksFinancial Reporting and Reconciliations Administrator42850-414-4865  
Gibril MuddeiProject Finance Manager42850-414-4421 850-414-4943                 
Dewayne BaxleyContract Payment Manager42850-414-4678 
Joseph DavisGeneral Payment Manager42850-414-4583 
Sonya WebbPurchasing Card Program Administrator42850-414-4393