Project Cost Redistribution (PCR)

Project Costing Initiative


 Project Cost Redistribution Contact List

District Email Address Name
1 fdot_prcord1 Jamie Reyes
  Melissa Rogers
2fdot_prcord2 Robert Williams
   Kathy Jenkins
3fdot_prcord3 April Williams
  Ranae Dodson
  Kerrie Harrell
4fdot_prcord4 Jessica Rubio
5fdot_prcord5 PJ Ganung
  Michelle Sloan
6fdot_prcord6 Daniel Kong
  Monserrat Sierra
7fdot_prcord7 Rebecca Schwarz
  Frank Chupka
TPfdot_prcortp Timothy George
  Deborah Goodness
  Fredrick Staudt
COfdot_prcord0Timothy Olsson
  Sierra Waynick


Project Cost Redistribution Information:




Please contact your Project Manager if you have any questions regarding valid financial project numbers, or for District Contact updates email

The forms available in PDF require the use of Adobe Reader which is available from the Adobe Web site. This file type can be viewed, but must be filled in and printed manually.

The forms available in Excel and Powerpoint require the use of the appropriate Microsoft Office Viewer which is available from the DOT Agency Resources Websiteb Plug-Ins