Lisa L. Evans, CPA
Financial Management Deputy Comptroller

Phone: (850) 414-4172
Fax: (850) 414-4446




The Financial Management Office is responsible for the development of the Department’s monthly cash forecast, oversight of the cost accounting function and funds approval process and the administration of federal billings and reimbursement for federally funded transportation projects with the Federal Highway Administration. In addition, the staff provides reporting and inquiry support for the Department’s actual commitments and offers technical advice for the Office of Comptroller owned computer systems and related interfaces.

The Financial Management Office is comprised of the following sections

  • The Contract Funds Management staff provides prompt, accurate commitment of funds for all purchase orders and all contractual obligations throughout the Department. The Contract Funds Management staff also reviews contract agreements, provides statewide contract funds management training, posts budget entries, and conducts annual quality assurance reviews.
  • The Project Cost Management staff are responsible for maintaining the data integrity of the Project Cost Management Subsystem by monitoring project cost transactions and facilitating corrective action as needed. This activity ensures the proper identification and recording of the direct costs of the Department to the proper transportation project and is essential for the accurate billing to the Federal Highway Administration of over $1.8 billion each year. In addition, the staff is responsible for auditing all payroll, unit rate, and indirect cost distributions for accuracy prior to loading into the Project Cost Management System, billing FEMA for emergency relief work done by the Department and auditing Federal Projects for final billings and closure.
  • The Cash Forecast staff is responsible for the financial stability of the Department and the financial stability of the Department's 5-year work program. The Department forecasts monthly cash receipts and disbursements for five, six and ten year time spans. Since the cash balance can vary as much as $100 million in one day, a reasonable cash balance and accurate forecast are critical.
  • The Federal Billing staff are responsible for producing and submitting a weekly Federal Bill to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which averages a reimbursement of $1.8 billion yearly. In addition, they are responsible for Federal Funds Management Reporting, Cash Management Improvement Act Reporting, Federal Project Audits and Statewide Federal Billing Training. The Federal Billing staff coordinates federal project management and billing among the Financial Manager at FHWA, the District’s Federal Aid Coordinators and the Federal Aid Management Office. In addition, the staff also develops the Department’s Indirect Cost Allocation rates; these rates are updated annually and audited for compliance with federal and state regulations.
  • Systems Support staff serves as liaisons with the Office of Information Systems and supports all finance, accounting, and financial control systems. The primary statewide financial systems supported are the Financial Management System (FM), the Federal Program Management System (FPM), the Project Cost Management System (PCM), the Florida Accounting Information Resource System (FLAIR), Accounts Receivable (ARI), Personnel Payroll System (PPS), and the Departmental Accounting System (DAS).