Disbursement Operations Office


Kelly Sowell
Disbursement Deputy Comptroller

Phone: (850) 414-4781
Fax: (850) 414-4490

Mission: To administer and manage DOT's disbursement process and information.

Vision: We will be the disbursement services provider of choice.

Motto: Aiming for tomorrow's standards today.

The Disbursement Operations Office is comprised of the following sections:

  • The Contract Payment Section is responsible for the auditing and payment processing of contractual expenditures for the Central Office and Turnpike procured through written agreements. The section verifies availability of funds, establishes payables, and reconciles contract balances between FLAIR and DOT records.

  • The General Payment Section is responsible for auditing and processing payments procured by MFMP (MyFloridaMarketPlace) purchase orders and the purchasing card, as well as utilities, travel and individual employee reimbursements and refunds for the Central Office and Turnpike.

  • The Quality Assurance Section is responsible for ensuring the quality of the Department’s disbursement and payroll activities. This requirement is achieved through several methods: conducting QARs (Quality Assurance Reviews); continuous monitoring of key management indicators (such as prompt payment compliance and interest penalties); developing and maintaining policies/procedures; developing and delivering appropriate training; and providing technical assistance to the District Financial Services Offices and other disbursement customers.

  • The Payroll Section processes bi-weekly payroll and supplemental payrolls including calculating and processing terminated leave payments, overtime, call back pay, on call pay, retirement adjustments, warrant cancellations, and salary refunds for all Central Office, Turnpike, and State Material Office employees. This section ensures that time sheets are submitted in a timely manner as well as monitors and maintains sick leave records and workers’ compensation records. The section also develops and maintains payroll processes and procedures and acts as a liaison to the District Payroll Offices.


  • The Purchasing Card/Travel Administration Section oversees granting and maintaining appropriate access for both the Bank of America P-Card Works system and the Statewide Travel Management System (STMS). This section is managed by a Program Administrator who is responsible for ensuring the Purchasing Card program is in accordance with guidelines established by the Department of Financial Services and that STMS access is maintained appropriately. The section monitors the overall use of the state purchasing card and processing deadlines for charges posted within the Works system.


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Disbursement Handbook for Employees and Managers