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BIM Practices in Highway Infrastructure: Global Benchmarking Program Report

The FHWA Global Benchmarking Study on Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Infrastructure was conducted to document evolving trends in BIM implementations in BIM-mature nations and their public highway infrastructure agencies, with a focus on understanding how other countries are using BIM for infrastructure to better deliver transportation projects, manage assets, and provide related services with a view to benchmark and advance U.S. practice.

For additional information, FHWA BIM for Infrastructure

Data Governance

This policy establishes data governance as a priority for the Florida Department of Transportation (001-325-064).

Enterprise Technology Governance

This procedure establishes a technology governance structure to effectively support the delivery of the Work Program, align technology and data, automate services, improve customer experiences, and bolster safety and connectivity on Florida roadways (001-325-062).

General Interest Roadway Data

This procedure establishes Districts and Transportation Statistics Office (TranStat) responsibilities, requirements, and standards for data collection, verification and management, quality assurance and control, and basic reporting of general interest roadway data in the Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI) database (525-020-310-j ).

Geographic Information Systems

It is the policy of the Department of Transportation that its investment in GIS technology be leveraged in a cost effective manner to provide enhanced support for business functions, maximize decision support mechanisms, increase productivity, and improve overall communication with DOT employees, partners and citizens (000-010-002-a).

GIS Information Technology Resources

This chapter in the Information Technology Manual establishes the administration and use of Geographic Information Systems to improve the quality and accessibility of Department’s spatial information and support graphical analysis of geo-referenced data (325-000-002).

Surveying and Mapping Procedure

These procedures set forth the criteria to be utilized in performing all aspects of surveying and mapping activities for the Florida Department of Transportation (Department). It is supplemented by the Surveying and Mapping Handbook; written instructions from the District Surveying and Mapping Office, State Surveyor, or other Secretary of Transportation designee; the project scope of services; and all other pertinent statutes, codes, rules, and procedures (550-030-101-c).

Traffic Monitoring

This procedure defines the traffic data that is used in transportation planning, design, and maintenance of Florida’s transportation system throughout the Department, as well as by the general public. It assigns the responsibility for data collection, processing, editing, reporting and distribution (525-030-150-d).

Transportation System Jurisdiction and Numbering

This procedure establishes a standard process for documenting transfers of road jurisdiction involving State Highway System mileage, and for assigning and changing State Road numbers, United States (U.S.) Route numbers, and Interstate road numbers (525-020-010-h).

Urban Boundary and Functional Classification of Roadways

This procedure sets forth the procedures and responsibilities for designating urban boundaries and determining federal functional classification designations for all public roads (525-020-311-b).




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