The CADD Manual is to be used by all in-house personnel producing engineering projects. It is to be included in all contracts requiring engineering plans preparation. This manual will affect all offices of the Department and all consultants, contractors and others who utilize engineering CADD applications or engineering data produced by these applications.

CADD Manual cover page
Chapter 1 Introduction: Describes and implements the CADD Manual.

Chapter 2 Computer Systems: Establishes the minimum requirements for procurement, maintenance and technical support of the Department’s CADD systems.

Chapter 3 CADD Production Standards: Defines the critical CADD Production Standards to be used in the production of the Department’s CADD projects.

Chapter 4 CADD Production Procedures: Establishes minimum requirements for the production of the Department’s CADD projects in accordance with the Department’s plans preparation procedures and practices.

Chapter 5 Delivery Procedure: Establishes the minimum requirements and functions necessary for the Department’s CADD delivery, describing how electronic data is to be delivered, archived and made available to customers.

Chapter 6 Support: Establishes the primary components of the Department’s CADD support structure and services, including the statewide training, and defines applications and tools supported by the CADD Office.

Chapter 7 Software Development and Distribution: Establishes how the Department’s CADD software is developed, tested, approved and distributed.

Chapter 8 Quality Assurance: Establishes the bases for Quality Assurance (QA) monitoring of the Department’s District CADD functions, including the areas of responsibility, frequency of monitoring and reporting methods.

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