Work Program Monitoring Aviation and Spaceports Office

Pursuant to Section 339.135(1) FS, the following definitions apply to this section:

“Tentative work program” means the 5-year listing of all transportation projects planned for each fiscal year which is developed by the central office based on the district work programs.

“Adopted work program” means the 5-year work program adopted by the department as provided in subsection (5) of Section 339.135, FS.


Work Program Overview
Pursuant to Chapter 339 FS, the tentative work program shall be based on the district work programs and shall set forth all projects by phase to be undertaken during the ensuing fiscal year and planned for the successive 4 fiscal years. The total amount of liabilities accruing in each fiscal year of the tentative work program may not exceed the revenues available for expenditure during the respective fiscal year based on the cash forecast for that respective fiscal year.

Pursuant to Section 339.135(2)(a), FS, FDOT will submit a legislative budget request in the manner required by Chapter 216, FS, setting forth FDOT’s proposed revenues and expenditures for operational and fixed capital outlay needs to accomplish the objectives of FDOT in the ensuing fiscal year. FDOT’s legislative budget request must include a balanced 36-month forecast of cash and expenditures and a 5-year finance plan. The budget request must conform to the Tentative Work Program.

Pursuant to Section 339.135(3)(a), FS, the Tentative and Adopted Work Programs are based on a complete, balanced financial plan for the State Transportation Trust Fund and other funds managed by FDOT. The Tentative and Adopted Work Programs shall set forth the proposed FDOT commitments and planned expenditures of FDOT necessary to accomplish the objectives of FDOT that are included in the program and resource plan of the Florida Transportation Plan required in Section 339.155, FS. Pursuant to Section 339.135(3)(c), FS, FDOT shall, prior to preparation of the tentative work program, ascertain the amount of apportionments of federal-aid funds which are estimated to be available to FDOT for expenditure in the fiscal years for which the tentative work program is prepared; and FDOT shall budget sufficient funds for matching purposes.

The Work Program is developed jointly each year by metropolitan planning organizations, local governments, and the federal government.

You may contact the Aviation Program Manager for additional information.


Aviation Office
Pursuant to Section 332.007(2), FS, FDOT is responsible for preparing and updating an aviation and airport work program based on projects proposed by local airport sponsors. The airport work program identifies development projects and discretionary capacity improvement projects. To the maximum extent possible, this work program must remain consistent with the Florida Aviation System Plan (FASP) and any approved and applicable local government comprehensive plans. The program also includes any project involving funds administered by FDOT, but undertaken and implemented by the airport sponsor. The aviation program provides assistance to airports in the areas of access, economic enhancement, development, improvement and land acquisition in the way of matching funds. These matching funds assist local governments and airport authorities in planning, designing, purchasing, constructing and maintaining publicly owned public use aviation facilities.

Aviation program matching ratios are authorized in Section 332.007, FS and are summarized as follows:


Section 332.007

You may contact the Aviation Program Manager for additional information.