United We Stand Specialty License Plate

May 19, 2022

As you drive around Florida you will notice a variety of Florida license plate designs. In addition to the most common standard state license plate, Florida allows drivers to select from more than 120 unique license plates. Florida has license plates for a variety of family, environmental, charitable, and other causes. If you work in the aviation industry, enjoy recreational flying, or are concerned about our national security, you may want to consider purchasing the United We Stand specialty plate. (Created by an Act of the Florida Legislature in 2002 to support Secure Airports for Florida’s Economy.) Revenue goes to FDOT to fund security-related aviation projects pursuant to Chapter 332, Florida Statutes and to provide training related to airport security and management. In 2018, security assessments were conducted at 84 airports and specific projects were funded at 25 airports as a result.

Apalachicola Regional Airport-Cleve Randolph Field$67,270Miami Homestead General Aviation$187,967
Bartow Executive$168,000Northeast Florida Regional$125,000
Boca Raton$305,780Palm Beach County Park$1,709
Carabelle-Thompson$17,000Pensacola International$104,500
Dade-Collier Training and Transitional$108,000Perry-Foley$22,451
Fernandina Beach Municipal$150,000Pompano Beach Airpark$135,200
Fort Lauderdale Executive$122,800Punta Gorda Airport$100,000
Gainesville Regional$58,591Quincy Municipal$65,000
Key West International$590,240Sebastian Municipal$6,084
Keystone Heights$401,735Suwannee County$325,190
Lakeland Linder International$288,000The Florida Keys Marathon International$52,896
Marianna Municipal$402,332Treasure Coast International$80,204
Miami Executive$48,000Williston Municipal$559,628