Creating a Temporary AirportAviation and Spaceports Office

The Temporary Application Process

  1. First Step is for the proponent or sponsor to obtain local zoning or receive confirmation that local zoning is not applicable. The statement or confirmation in a local zoning approval letter should include: A statement that the airport will be a compatible land use for that area or that there are no such zoning requirements and a statement that the airport as designed will meet local zoning requirements (i.e. building codes, setbacks, etc.).
  2. Second Step is to submit an Airport Site Approval Application with the FDOT. This application can be made by contacting the Private Airport and Compliance Manager and providing, in addition to the zoning approval letter, a list of documentation highlighted in Chapter 14-60.005, FAC. These items include but are not limited to:

    -       A Copy of Property Rights i.e. Deed, option to buy, lease agreement, etc.

    -       Facility Diagram

    -       Geodetic Location Map

    -       Location Map

    -       A list of nearby aviation facilities and notification of the proposed site to those airports

    -       Copies of notification letters to local governments

    -       Adjacent Property Owners notification and Public Notice of the proposed airport

    -       Location of waste sites within a certain distance from the airport

    -       Graphical depiction of the proposed air traffic patterns

    -       Confirmation that the runway and taxiway design have taken into account manufacturer’s performance                                      characteristics for the type(s) of aircraft planned to be operated.

    -       Security factors taken to secure the airport site from unauthorized access to safeguard the airport.

  3. Third Step - Once the Temporary Airport has certified that all of the supporting documentation has been obtained and/or provided, reviewed, and found that it can reasonably meet conditions necessary to ensure safety for aircraft and protect public health, safety, and welfare a recommendation for approval will be submitted to the State Aviation Manager.
  4. Fourth Step – After the State Aviation Manager grants their approval, the site approval order and registration are issued.
  5. Fifth Step – Operations can begin.


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