Florida’s aviation system includes over 125 public-use airports, including 19 primary commercial service airports spanning the Panhandle to the Florida Keys. The aviation system also includes 11 military aviation facilities, with numerous off-airport businesses relying on the aviation system to transport personnel, goods, and services.

In 2021 (the study’s data collection year), Florida attracted almost 122 million visitors, including 4.5 million from international locations, with 36 percent of the total visitors arriving in one of Florida’s world-class airports. The study assessed the impacts of these out-of-state visitors and found that visitor spending generated over $94 billion in economic impact.

Florida’s airports are economic hubs, directly employ over 18,000 people , and are home to over 5,000 businesses. Florida’s airports also support air cargo services, connecting long-distance domestic and international markets to companies in the state – positioning Florida as a global business leader. Off-airport air cargo impacts facilitated by Florida’s airports supported almost 701,000 jobs and contributed $150 billion in economic impact.