TRAC & RIDES Programs


TRAC (Transportation and Civil Engineering) and RIDES (Roadways Into Developing Elementary Students) are educational outreach programs developed by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).  These programs have been designed to connect students to the worlds of transportation and civil engineering through hands-on classroom activities. By showing students the real-world applications of the principles learned in their Science, Technology, and Math (STEM) classes, the TRAC and RIDES programs can inspire the next generation of civil engineers and transportation professionals. 

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RIDES Program

The RIDES educational outreach program is designed specifically for K-8 students. Teachers attend two days of training conducted by National Board Certified Teachers with experience implementing the RIDES program. RIDES provides teachers with a ready-made curriculum and trunk of resources containing all the materials needed to conduct classroom activities designed to bring science and math concepts to life.

RIDES curriculum includes units on the following subjects: Transportation and Energy, Roadway Geometry, Humans and Nature, and Designing Ways. 

RIDES Brochure

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TRAC Program

The TRAC program is designed to teach real-world applications of Science, Technology, and Math concepts to students in grades 7-12. Like RIDES, TRAC provides teachers with professionally developed curricula and all the equipment, software, and supplies needed to perform hands-on activities. The TRAC program includes modules on:

Each of the TRAC modules contains all the necessary materials for instruction. Because the units are self-contained, teachers can use individual units relevant to their own curriculum. Within each unit, students work in groups to complete self-directed activities, with teachers acting as facilitators rather than lecturers. These hands-on, team-based activities teach students how to apply things they've learned in school and prepare them for real-world scenarios. 

TRAC Brochure

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