Mobile Surveying & Mapping

Mobile Surveying & Mapping

The Mobile Surveying & Mapping Section consist of two groups, Flight Operations and Photogrammetry. These groups are responsible for developing statewide policies, procedures and standards for aerial surveying products and services for the Department. They are also responsible for acquiring, processing and producing various aerial photography products. They also provide technical expertise and assistance to the Districts for aerial surveying services as well as Quality Assurance Reviews (QAR) of those same services. In time of emergencies or disasters, Aerial Surveying & Mapping directly supports transportation and state emergency operations.

Since 1972, Florida Statutes have stipulated cooperation between USGS, FDOT, and the state Water Management Districts to facilitate statewide topographic mapping efforts. Currently, part of this is being done through the Florida Statewide Base Digital Orthophotography Program (FSBDOP) supported by partnerships and agreements between several state, federal and local agencies represented by the Florida Digital Base Orthophotography Group. The current FSBDOP consists of statewide orthophotography coverage on a three year cycle for Florida with a ground sample distance of one foot.


This unit is dedicated to supporting all FDOT Districts plus the Turnpike Enterprise in the production of planimetric and topographic mapping, ortho-rectified and georeferenced imagery, digital terrain models along with several other products and services.

Flight Operations

This unit is dedicated to acquiring aerial photography in support of the photogrammetry unit and transportation projects throughout the FDOT Districts and Turnpike Enterprise. They also support other state agencies with the statewide aerial photography program along with critical support to the State Emergency Response Team by collecting aerial photography for state disaster analysis and mapping.