Date of Bulletin/MemoSubjectEffective DateReferenced Documents
April 23, 2020SDB 20-01 Exterior Intermediate Diaphragm Requirements for Steel Box Girder BridgesImmediatelyStructures Manual
May 4, 2020SBD 20-02 Embedded Data Collector (EDC) Policy UpdateImmediatelyStructures Manual,
Soils and Foundations Handbook,
Standard Plans
June 2, 2020SDB 20-03 Concrete I-Beam Stability CriteriaImmediatelyStructures Manual
June 8, 2020SDB 20-04 Class 5 Coating Approval ProcessImmediatelyStructures Manual
FDOT Design Manual
July 8, 2020SDB 20-05 Adding Backplates to Existing Traffic SignalsImmediatelyTraffic Engineering Manual
Structures Manual
FDOT Design Manual
September 9, 2020SDB 20-06 Multirotational (MR) BearingsImmediatelyStructures Manual
September 9, 2020SDB 20-07 Class VII ConcreteImmediatelyStructures Manual
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