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Roadway Design

Office Manager
Michael Shepard, P.E.
State Roadway Design

605 Suwannee St. MS32
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Tel:  850-414-4310
Fax: 850-414-5261
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Roadway Design Office-Roadways of Florida


The Roadway Design Office is one of 4 offices under the Office of Design, along with the offices of Production Support, Structures Design and Surveying and Mapping. Our office is comprised of five major sections: Roadway Criteria - Roadway Standards - Pavement Management - Quality Assurance and Drainage Design. We work together to develop, support and disseminate policies, procedures, manuals, handbooks, guides, training, criteria and standards for the design of Florida roadways.


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Guardrail Training Video - Design Standards Index 400 update

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District Design News

Career Opportunities - Drainage Design Engineer - #55010070

Bulletin and Publication News

2017 Drainage Manual 
Posted: November 2, 2016
The new 2017 Drainage Manual

Roadway Design 16-12 
Posted: November 1, 2016
2017 Plans Preparation Manual (PPM)

Roadway Design 16-11 / Structures Design Bulletin 16-11 
Posted: November 1, 2016
FY 2017-18 Design Standards eBook (FHWA Approved 11/1/2016)

Roadway Design 16-10 / Production Support  16-02 / Program Management 16-05 
Posted: September 13, 2016
Selective Clearing and Grubbing (FHWA Approved 8/25/2016)

Roadway Design Bulletin 16-09 
Posted: September 12, 2016
IMPLEMENTATION -Flexible Pavement Design Manual 2016 Update (FHWA Approved 9/8/2016)