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Site Map

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Adopt-a-Highway Maintenance
Advertisements Major Projects
Aerial Surveying Manual on Uniform Traffic Studies (MUTS)
Agency Overview Maps
Americans with Disabilities/Accessibility Maps and Publications (Online Store)
Application Listing (BizNet, ProjectSuite, etc.) Materials
Aviation Memorial Markers
  Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council (MPOAC)
B Mobility Performance Measures
Basis of Estimates and Pay Item Information Motor Carrier Compliance
Bicycle and Pedestrian  
Bid Items O
Bid Solicitation Notices One Stop Permitting
Bituminous Materials Outdoor Advertising
Bridge Information  
Business Model P
  Park and Ride Lots
C Pavement Management
Claim - Bodily Injury Pavement Materials
Claim - Property Damage Performance Management
Community Traffic Safety Teams Permits
Computer Security Planning
Construction Planning Training
Construction Forms and Manuals Policy Planning
Construction Projects - Northeast Florida Prequalified Consultants
Construction Projects - Northwest Florida Press Releases
Construction Projects - Southeast Florida Procedural Documents
Construction Projects - Central Florida Procurement
Construction Projects - South Florida Product Approval Information
Construction Projects - Southwest Florida Professional Services
Construction Projects - West Central Florida Project Management
Consultant Invoice Transmittal System Training (CITS) Project Management Training
Contact Management Public Information
Contractor Prequalification Public Meeting Notices
Contracts Administration Public Transit Office
Contractual Services and Commodities Publications (Rail)
Criteria and Standards Publications Downloads
  Purchase/Lease Property
DBE Program Q
Design Manuals Quality Assurance (Roadway Design)
Design/Build Results R
District Information Rail
Doing Business with FDOT Real Estate - Sale/Use
Drainage Report Fraud
Driver's Licenses Report Subscriptions
  Research Center
E Rest Areas
Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) Right Of Way
Emergency Management Road Rangers
Employment Discrimination Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI)
Employment Opportunities Roadway Design
Engineering / CADD Systems Rules (Florida Administrative Register/Code)
Environmental Management  
Equal Opportunity S
Errors and Omissions Safety
Estimates Training Scenic Highway Program
Exit Numbers Seaport
  Seaports Map
F Signs and Signals
Facilities Map Size and Weight (Motor Carrier)
FDOT Logo Specifications
FDOT Secretary Photos SSL VPN (Employee Login Required)
Final Orders Standard Scope and Staff Hours
Financial Information Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge
Five Year Work Program State Construction Training
Florida's Turnpike Enterprise Statistics
Florida Transportation Images (SeeFloridaGo) Statewide Construction Database
Florida Transportation Plan (FTP) Straight-Line Diagrams (SLD)
Florida Vacation Guide Structural Materials
Forms and Procedures Structures Design
Freight Logistics and Passenger Operations Structures Manual
G Surveying and Right of Way Mapping
General Counsel Surveying and Mapping
Geographic Mapping System Planning
Geotechnical Engineering  
Geographic Information System (GIS) T
Geotechnical Materials Telecommuting Information
  Toll Calculator
H Toll Shirts
Highway Data Toll Violations
Highway Systems, Numbering, and Jurisdiction Traffic Data
HOV Lanes Traffic Information
Have Your Rights Been Violated? Traffic Operations
Highway Beautification Programs Traffic Signal FAQ
Human Resources Transit
  Transportation Commission
I Transportation Disadvantaged
Information Technology Transportation Regional Incentive Program (Trip)
Inspector General Traveler Information
Internet Bidding Information Trucking Manual
Intelligent Transportation Systems Turnpike
Intermodal Systems  
Interstate Exit Numbers U
US DOT Number
L Utilities
Laws and Rules (Seaports)  
Laws, Rules and Procedures (Rail) V
Legislative Summary Video Logs
Letting Results  
Local Programs W
Logo Sign Program Wage Rates
  Work Program and Budget