What are Express Lanes?

Express lanes are optional travel lanes, located on an interstate or other limited access facility, that customers can choose to use when they want a more predictable travel time. Express lanes are designed with a limited number of entrance and exit points to serve longer, more regional trips. Customers must have an active and properly mounted SunPass or another interoperable transponder, as no cash or TOLL-BY-PLATE is accepted in the express lanes.

Express Bus Registration

The following vehicles qualify for a toll exemption on Florida’s Express Lanes, but they must first register and then renew annually:

  • Public transit buses
  • School buses
  • Over-the-road buses
  • Vanpools

New Registrations and Renewals

The Express Lanes Bus Exemption Form is required for both new registrations and renewals. You must
submit this form for all qualifying vehicles each year to maintain their exemption.

Please complete the Express Lanes Bus Exemption form. Once your form has been submitted, you will be contacted to complete the registration process. If not already established, a SunPass Account will be created.

Full First Name and Last Name
SunPass Account