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Does FDOT have a roadside memorial program? What is the memorial marker program?
How can I add landscaping to the roadway?
How can I find out about active and future construction projects in my area?
How can I get a road named after a person?
How can I get real-time traffic information?
How can I obtain the official highway mileage between Florida cities?
How can I participate in a roadside litter removal program?
How do I get timely and accurate traffic information before I leave home or when I am out and about?
How will construction impact the access to and from my property?
What can I do to get safely through roadwork?
What counties are included in each FDOT District?
What counties does District Three cover?
What does it mean "where workers are present"?
What if I lose phone service or other utility services during construction?
What is the Florida Scenic Highway Program?
What is Title VI?
What kinds of impacts can I expect during construction?
Where can I locate Florida trucking information?
Who do I contact if my property is damaged by construction?
Who should I contact if I have a question about a Florida driver's license?
Why are speed limits sometimes reduced in work zones?
Why do I see so many barrels and cones in construction projects with no visible work in progress?
Why does construction take place during the day in some places and at night in other locations?
Will I be compensated for loss of business during construction?