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Scope of Services and Staff Hour Estimation

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Scope of Services

A Scope of Services is a contractual agreement between the Department and the chosen professional firm that requires input from many disciplines and coordination with several offices within the Department. The Department has developed a Standard Scope of Services for procuring Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) services and Design services and guidelines for negotiating staff hours. These documents are to be used on each project and modified only with project specific information.

Standard Scope of Services and Staff Hour Estimation Guidelines and Forms

The Standard Scope & Staff Hour Estimation Guidelines provides the Department and Consultant Project Managers with detailed description of the work efforts (Activities and Tasks) for uniform and consistent project scoping and a basis or range of staff hours required to complete every project task. The Guidelines consist of the Scope of Services files (MS Word documents), the Staff Hour Forms and the Staff Hour Estimation Guidelines (MS Excel spreadsheets).


Use of the Guidelines is mandatory for the Department and Consultant Project Managers when scoping and negotiating all consultant contracts for PD&E and Design Services according to Department Procedure 375-030-020


PD&E Scope

PD&E Staff Hour Estimation Guidelines

PD&E Staff Hour Estimation Forms

Roadway & Bridge Structural Design

Design Standard Scope of Services - (Updated June 2016) This Word document should be completely filled out for the project. (Right click on link and save file.) The scope file is the complete Standard Scope which includes all design activities and should be used on every design Project. The document has areas for project specific information, which are indicated by bold-italics text with yellow highlight. Please remove the highlight (leaving the text formatted as bold-italics) when the information is inserted. All changes and/or additions to the Standard Scope shall be made in bold-italics to help draw attention to the users of project specific changes.


Scope of Services Macro - (Updated June 2016) This .ZIP file contains all the MS Word documents, templates, macro and instructions required to assemble a Standard Scope of Services for Design services. To download the file, right click the hyperlink and select "Save Target As" and save it to your computer's desktop or local drive. “Unzip” the file in that same location and there. Continue to work in that same directory until the project Scope document is finished processing. Once the project Scope is created, it can then be saved to the proper project directory. Complete instructions for the use of this macro and files can be found in the file named _ReadMe-MacroInstructions.docx.


Design Staff Hour Estimation (SHE) Guidelines - (Updated June 2016) This is an Excel file containing over 30 worksheets. (Right click on file and save file.) This document provides detailed information, breaking down the activities and tasks that can appear in a scope document, along with recommended staff hour ranges to provide a detailed effort of the design work.


Design Staff Hour Estimation Forms - (Updated August 2015) This is an Excel file containing over 30 worksheets with formulas. (Right click on link and save file.) These forms are used to record the estimated hours for each activity and task listed in the project specific Scope of Services. These forms are used to estimate staff hours, which are used in the negotiation process.


Revision Log - (Updated June 2016) This Excel file lists all the changes that have taken place since the last published Scope of Services and Staff Hour Estimation forms and guidelines.


Geotechnical and Materials Testing - The State Materials Office Contract Documents site will assist access to the standard scope and automated fee proposal for Geotechnical and Materials testing.


Quick Tips - Be sure to coordinate with the Estimates Office when developing a new project scope.

Consider the risk factors when developing a scope for a new project.

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