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Federal-Aid Project Wage Rate Details

Picture of a Florida Roadway
Federal Aid Construction Project Wage Rates
Wage Rate Coordinator - Patty Vickers  (850) 414-4688

Classification Request Manager(WRD)
Classification Request Manager
Wage Tables Data
Official USDOL Wage Decisions (Opens the Dept. of Labors official Wage Decisions web page)
General Guidance
Guidelines for Multiple Wage Tables on Contracts
Email Address for Patty Vickers / Wage Rate Coordinator
Labor Compliance Newsletter
Florida's Minimum Wage Law
Request USDOL Permission for Payroll Deductions (via Email) Must comply w/ 29 C.F.R., part 3.6 & 3.7
DB Unfunded FB Plans Request Check List
Send Unfunded Fringe Benefit Plans to the Following Email Address: DeBisschop.Amy@dol.gov
Anatomy of FHWA 1273 Presentations (10/30/12)
Training Files
Payroll Requirements on Federal-Aid Projects
Compliance Issues Presentation
DBA - DBRA Fringe Benefit Presentation
D7 LAP Training
General Information
Wage Rates are governed by U.S. Department of Labor, Davis Bacon Act. Wage Rate Decisions are divided into 4 categories: Highway, Heavy, Building, and Residential. Additional divisions are made according to geographical areas, often county lines. Refer to the specific decision number (wage rate) for additional details.  Frequently Asked Questions about the Davis Bacon Act.

Modifications are published by the US Department of Labor each Friday, "as-necessary". Some decisions will be modified multiple times throughout the year, while others may remain unchanged. For FDOT purposes, contracts scheduled for letting will be updated according to US Department of Labor rules. This page will be updated regularly, but should only be used for general information. For project specific information, refer to the contract/specifications package for the latest applicable rates.