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Production Support | CADD

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Vern Danforth, P.E.
Production Support | CADD

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The CADD Office is dedicated to providing learning resources for Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) users. Here you will find information and resources for your CADD “learning” needs and information about events such as Conferences and Webcasts.

The CADD Office's vision is to have maximized efficiency with CADD applications for the Florida Department of Transportation (Department) design community.



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FDOT2017 C3D & AutoCAD State Kit Software - Hotfix
Posted: December 27, 2017
The FDOT2017 C3D MR2 Hotfix (version 01.02.01) is now available. The FDOT2017 C3D MR 2, Hotfix (version 01.02.01) includes only the files updated since FDOT2017 MR2 was released. It should only be applied to servers or stand-alone workstations that have already been upgraded to FDOT2017 C3D MR 2.

FDOT2018 C3D & AutoCAD State Kit Software
Posted: December 22, 2017
The FDOT2018 C3D 2 & AutoCAD State Kit (version 01.00.00) is now available.

Posted: December 22, 2017
The FDOTSS4 MR4 CADD Software (version 01.05.00) is now available.