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Office of Environmental Management

Project Development and Environment Manual (PD&E Manual)

NEW: Effective 12/14/2016 - Pursuant to 23 United States Code (U.S.C.) 327, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has assumed Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA's) responsibilities under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for highway projects on the State Highway System (SHS) and Local Agency Program (LAP) projects off the SHS. In general, FDOT's assumption includes all highway and roadway projects in Florida whose source of federal funding comes from FHWA or which constitute a federal action through FHWA. This includes responsibilities for environmental review, interagency consultation and other regulatory compliance-related actions pertaining to the review or approval of NEPA projects. Therefore, whereas FHWA was previously identified as the Lead Federal Agency, this function is now served by FDOT with approval authority resting in the Office of Environmental Management (OEM).

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PD&E Manual PowerPoints and Training Materials and Regional Training PowerPoints and Training Materials

Part 1: Process and Guidelines of PD&E Manual [PDFs]


Part 2: Analysis and Documentation [PDFs]


Table of Contents [14K]  


Table of Contents [10K]
*1: Introduction 06/17/16 [14K]   *1: Document Format and Table Contents 07/27/16  [55K]
*2: FHWA Class of Action Determination 08/02/16 [205K]   *2: Cover Page 08/09/16 [55K]
*3: Preliminary Environmental Discussion and Advance Notification 08/22/16 [129K]   *3: EIS Executive Summary/FONSI 08/02/16 [81K]
*4: Project Development Process 08/18/16 [66K]   *4: Project Description and Purpose and Need 08/22/16  [28K]
*5: Type 2 Categorical Exclusion 07/15/16 [14K]   *5: Traffic Analysis 7/27/16   [25K]
*6: Environmental Assessment 08/15/16 [14K]   *6: Engineering Analysis 08/25/16 [26K]
*7: Finding of No Significant Impacts (FONSI) 08/11/16 [14K]   *7: Affected Environment 07/15/16 [15K]
*8: Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) 08/03/2016 [14K]   *8: Environmental Consequences or Impacts 07/27/16 [13K]
*9: Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) 07/15/2016 [14K]   *9: Sociocultural Effects Evaluation 08/25/16 [30K]
*10: State, Local, or Privately Funded Project Delivery 08/18/16 [14K}   *10: Utilities and Railroads 07/15/16 [13K]
*11: Public Involvement 12/29/15 [1.10MB]   *11: Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) 08/15/16 [41K]
*12: Environmental Permits 08/26/16 [56K]   *12: Archaeological and Historical Resources 09/07/16 [70K]
*13: Re-evaluations 07/15/16 [194K]   *13: Section 4(f) Resources 09/01/16 [175K]
14: Transit Project Delivery 09/01/16 [94K]   *14: Bike and Ped information now found in Part 2 Chapter 6 
      *15: Aesthetic Effects 08/07/15 [17K]
* Acronyms List 09/07/16 [106K]   **16: Air Quality Analysis 08/24/16 [314K]
  PowerPoints and Training Materials   *17: Highway Traffic Noise 07/27/16 [88K]
      *18: Wetlands and Other Surface Waters. 08/22/16 [74K]
      *19: Aquatic Preserves and Outstanding Florida Waters 08/09/16 [27K]
      *20: Water Quality Impact Evaluation 07/27/16 [28K]
      *21: OFW information now found in Part 2, Chapter19
      *22: Contamination 09/01/16 [59K]
      *23: Wild and Scenic Rivers 08/15/16 [09K]
      *24: Drainage and Floodplains 08/17/16 [45K]
      *25: Coastal Zone Consistency 01/05/16 [21K]
      *26: Coastal Barrier Resources 07/15/16 [124K]
      *27: Protected Species and Habitat 08/26/16 [97K]
      *28: Farmlands 07/14/16 [21K]
      *29: Scenic Highways 08/03/16 [44K]
      30: Construction Impacts information now found in Part 2, Chapter 6
      *31: Comments and Coordination 08/11/16 [46K]
      *32: Commitments 02/23/16 [11K]
      *33: List of Prepares 08/11/16 [24K]
      *34: List of Agencies, Organizations, and Persons 08/11/16 [27K]
      *35: Index 08/11/16 [6K]
      *36: Appendix 08/19/16 [12K]