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The site of Office of Design Publications, Manuals, Handbooks and other documents in one location. It is our goal to give you information that is current, consistent, predictable and repeatable. Publications on this site are links directly to our other Offices. To receive update notifications about these documents, please sign up in our Contact Management System. ***

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Bulletins & Memorandums - Our Bulletins and Memorandums detail changes to our many Publications, facilitates changes in policies and procedures and promotes effective communication with our Customers to ensure they have the latest up to date information available. The links to the right are our discipline based Bulletin & Memorandum websites. Engineering and Operations

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Design Standards - Design Standards issued by the Office of Design are available from 1976 to Present along with Design Standards Modifications and the new EBooklet  Instructions for Design Standards (IDS)  Roadway




Roadway Design (Link)

Florida Urban Area 1 Mile Buffer Maps - Maps depicting Florida’s Urban Areas (places with a population of 5,000 or more persons) plus a 1-mile buffer from those Urban Areas. This data is comprised using the 2010 Census data. Paul Hiers
Plans Preparation Manuals - All Years - This web page contains the current Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) and all prior versions dating back to 1995 Mary Jane Hayden
Florida Intersection Design Guide (FIDG) - Florida Intersection Design Guide (FIDG) issued by the State Roadway Design Office. Current and Historical versions available on this site David Amato
Traditional Neighborhood Communities Handbook (TND) - This Traditional Neighborhood Communities handbook (TND) provides planning-level guidance for the design of Traditional Neighborhood communities that are inherently walk-able and bike-able DeWayne Carver
Florida Greenbook - Manual of Uniform Minimum Standards for Design, Construction and Maintenance for Streets and Highways. For use on all public roads that are not part of the State Highway System. Includes links to Committee Member and Event information and Subcommittee Member and event information. Includes Minutes and Meeting packages from the past Mary Anne Koos
Temporary Traffic Control (Maintenance of Traffic) - Provides links to the TTC/MOT Administration website for Providers, Students, various course offerings and other training resources Ed Cashman
Drainage Manuals, Handbooks and Design Aids - The current Drainage Manual has up-to-date policy and criteria for the design of Florida Department of Transportation drainage facilities. This site offers an all inclusive list of our Manuals, Handbooks and Design Aids Carl Spirio
Pavement Management Publications - A complete list of Pavement Management Publications issued by the State Roadway Design Office which includes Rigid Pavement Design Manual, Pavement Type Selection Manual and the Flexible Pavement Design Manual Lizette Delgado
Flexible Pavement Design Manual - Information necessary to design a new flexible pavement, or develop a properly engineered rehabilitation project. This design manual addresses methods to properly develop a rehabilitation project, pavement milling, and the computations necessary for the pavement design process Rhonda Taylor
Pavement Type Selection Manual - This manual addresses methods and computations to properly develop a Pavement Type Selection Report
Rigid Pavement Design Manual - This manual enables the Pavement Design Engineer to develop proper engineering principles and develop the input data to design a new rigid pavement, or develop a properly engineered rehabilitation project
Quality Assurance Training Help site - Training materials/sites used by the State Roadway Design Office Jeremy Fletcher
Quality Assurance Help Tools - Tools used by the State Roadway Design Office in the evaluation QA Section Review Activities
Quality Assurance Help Links - Publications used by the State Roadway Design Office in the evaluation QA Section Review Activities

Production Support (Link)

Accessibility/ADA Forms - FDOT Facility or State Highway System comment forms Dean Perkins
ADA/504 Transition Plan -  Transition Plan and Update FY 2016
Rest Area Program Long Range Plan  - Long range plan for rest area facilities
Rest Area Study - Executive Summary - 2005 Rest Area Assessment Study to update existing 1993 - 30 year study
Consultant Evaluation Forms - Forms to assist FDOT project managers when evaluating professional services consultants work performance on Schedule, Management, Quality and Constructability Sid Kamath
Errors, Omissions, and Contractual Breaches by Professional Engineers on Department Contracts Policy - Procedure to identify, evaluate and document resolution of errors, omissions and contractual breaches by Design consultants and Construction Engineering and Inspection consultants
Professional Services Consultant Work Performance Evaluation  - Procedure to evaluate and report to FDOT work performance of professional services consultants under contract
Project Management Handbook - This handbook provides guidelines and recommended practices for both Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and consultant Project Managers. This comprehensive resource covers all FDOT project phases, from planning to maintenance. The handbook contains references to further information on the Department's project development and implementation process
Practical Design Handbook - Practical Design is a design philosophy that encourages design flexibility based on purpose and needs. FDOT is encouraging engineers to utilize good engineering judgment and prudent risk-taking in developing “bold and innovative” engineering solutions. The intent of this handbook is to provide basic guidance for the implementation of a Practical Design approach Kurt Lieblong
Value Engineering Program - Value Engineering is a systematic process used by a multidisciplinary team to improve the value of a project through the identification and analysis of functions. This procedure provides a consistent and uniform process for executing the Value Engineering (VE) Program during the development of a project
Project Management Benchmarking Report - A study which identified Project Management best practices and improvement opportunities that FDOT might consider evaluating for implementation Rob Quigley
Standard Scope of Services and Staff Hour Estimation Guidelines - Detailed descriptions of the work efforts (Activities and Tasks) for uniform and consistent project scoping and a basis or range of staff hours required to complete every project task. The Guidelines consist of the Scope of Services files (MS Word documents), the Staff Hour Forms and the Staff Hour Estimation Basis (MS Excel spreadsheets)
CADD Customer Support Guide - An ECSO and Structures Design Office customer support guide to help the civil engineering community in development of plans for the FDOT Bruce Dana
CADD Manual - Standards and requirements for the electronic delivery of project plans. Refers to CADD Production Criteria Handbook

Structures Design (Link)

Structures Design - Research Reports - Post-Tensioning Reports, Structures Research Laboratory Project Reports, Current Structures Research Laboratory Research Projects William Potter
Structures Manual - Includes Design and Detailing Guidelines, LRFD Design Examples, Qualified Products List Acceptance Criteria, Design Aids, Modifications to LRFR, Modifications to  LTS-4, and the Facilities Design Manual Charles Boyd
Soils and Foundation Handbook - A guide to the proper procedures for performing geotechnical services for Florida Department of Transportation Larry Jones
Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall Inspector's Handbook - General guidelines used in the construction inspection process

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