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Public Transit Office

Office Manager
Ed Coven
State Transit Manager

605 Suwannee Street
Mail Station 26
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Tel: 850-414-4500
Fax: 850-414-4508
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Public Transit Office


The mission of the FDOT Transit Office is to "identify, support, advance and manage cost effective, efficient and safe transportation systems and alternatives to maximize the passenger carrying capacity of surface transportation facilities." The FDOT Transit Office consists of three sections (Grants Administration; Transit Operations; Transit Planning) each of which has specific areas of responsibility.



A National Synthesis of Transit and Complete Street Practices  
Posted: Revised May 2018
This guidebook explores how public transit can be incorporated into complete street planning and design by examining successful projects nationwide. 

2017 Florida Transit Information and Performance Handbook 
Posted: Revised December 2017
This handbook provides a synopsis of Florida's transit agencies and systems data, and a snapshot of their performance in the 2016 reporting year.

Express Bus / Express Lane Systems Planning Guidelines
Posted: Revised December 2017
This document provides general guidance on the planning and design of the Express Bus service operating in Express Lanes and addresses major system components. 

2017 Accessing Transit Design Handbook Update
Posted: Revised May 2017
This is the 2017 interim update to the Accessing Transit Design Handbook for Florida Bus Passenger Facilities Version III, 2013.  

Implementing Bus on Shoulder in Florida - Statewide Guidance
Posted: Revised February 2017
This document presents technical guidance and criteria for bus on shoulder systems, including a generalized approach pertaining to the evaluation of appropriate locations for the use of roadway shoulders by buses.

Assessing the Property Impacts of SunRail Stations
Posted: Revised January 2017
This report provides an assessment of the property value changes and development impacts that have occurred around SunRail stations since the system's opening.