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Public Transit Office

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Ed Coven
State Transit Manager

605 Suwannee Street
Mail Station 26
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Tel: 850-414-4500
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Public Transit Office


The mission of the FDOT Transit Office is to "identify, support, advance and manage cost effective, efficient and safe transportation systems and alternatives to maximize the passenger carrying capacity of surface transportation facilities." The FDOT Transit Office consists of three sections (Grants Administration; Transit Operations; Transit Planning) each of which has specific areas of responsibility.



Trolleys, Shuttles, and Community Buses in South Florida  
Posted: November 2018
This report explores how public transit is provided to special segments of the population in South Florida. 

2018 Updated Transit Development Plan (TDP) Guidebook 
Posted: October 2018
This guidebook provides assistance to Florida transit agencies in creating a transit development plan, and for FDOT Districts on the review of the transit development plan.

2018 Transit Technology Primer and Tool   
Posted: August 2018
This Transit Technology Primer and the accompanying Transit Technology Assessment Framework Tool (TTAFT) are intended to be resources for transit agencies in researching traditional and emerging transit technologies. This application is a synthesis of the policy and regulatory framework surrounding transit technology; past and ongoing research, prototype, and pilot efforts; commercially available products; and the experiences of transit agencies.

To access the Transit Technology Assessment Framework Tool, click on the link above and use the following instructions:

1. Download the zip file containing the tool from the FDOT website into a local folder.

2. Right click the zip file and then select "Extract All…" and select a location to extract the files to.

3. Finally, run the "setup.exe" file in the folder where the files were extracted to.

This will extract all the necessary files to run the FDOT Transit Technology Assessment Framework Tool and Primer and place a shortcut on your Desktop to access the tool.

2018 Mobile Fare Payment Phase II Implementation Final Report  
Posted: June 2018
This Final Report contains the results of the final evaluation of the StarMetro mobile fare payment. The pilot supported several activities, including the configuration of the selected mobile fare payment application, the development and implementation of a marketing plan and the campaign to secure the participation of bus riders to test the app.

2018 Mobile Fare Payment Phase II Implementation Appendices  
Posted: June 2018
This is the supporting data to the Mobile Fare Payment Final Report.