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Interstate Exit Numbers for I-595

Picture of the dual-marked sign

Traveling on I-595 Old Number New Number (Proposed Fall 2013) Intersecting Roadway
East West 1A 1 SW 136th Ave.
East West 1B 2 SR 823 (Flamingo Rd.)
East West 2 3 Hiatus Rd.
East West 3 4 Nob Hill Rd.
East West 4 5 Pine Island Rd.
East West 5 6 SR 817 (University Dr.)
East West 7 7 Davie Rd.
East West 8A 8 Florida's Turnpike
East West 8B 9A US 441 Northbound
East West 8B 9B US 441 Southbound
East West 9 9C SR 84/Marina Mile
East West 10A 10A I-95 North
East West 10B 10B I-95 South
East West 12A 12A US 1 South/Ft. Lauderdale International Airport
East West 12B 12B US 1 North

For additional information please contact Dana Knox at Dana.Knox@dot.state.fl.us