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Traffic Engineering and Operations Office

TEO / Bulletins & Memos

Traffic Engineering and Operations Bulletins & Memos

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Traffic Engineering and Operations Bulletins & Memos

Number Description Issue Date
Traffic Engineering and Operations Bulletins
18-02 Update to the 2017 Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM) 07/02/18
18-01 Emergency Shoulder Use (ESU) 04/26/18
17-05 2017 Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM) 11/01/17
17-04 Manual on Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) Training and Implementation Plan 11/01/17
17-03 Speed Zoning Manual 7/27/17
17-02 Signs and Sign Supports Attached To Bridges 3/30/17
17-01 Span Wire Traffic Signal Hangers 1/6/17
16-02 2016 Traffic Engineering Manual 11/28/16
12-15 Span Wire Traffic Signal Hangers 12/17/15
04-15 Retroreflective Strips for Signs 7/9/15
03-15 Signing and Pavement Marking Standards at Ramp Intersections 4/15/15
02-15 Evaluation of Intersections for Roundabouts 4/15/15
02-13 Standardization of Yellow Change Intervals for Signalized Intersections 5/31/13
01-13 Direction to DB & P3 Project Phase Reviewers-Modification to ERC System 3/20/13
02-12 Pivotal Adjustable Hanger Use on Two Points Span Wire Traffic Signal Projects 11/2/12
01-12 Adding Signal Heads and/or Backplates to Existing Traffic Signals 2/22/12
10-05 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Implementation in Florida 04/15/10
Traffic Engineering and Operations Memos
17-01 Bike Signals, Intersection Bike Boxes, and Two-Stage Bike Turn Boxes 10/2/17
16-01 Express Lane Marker Spacing for Buffer -- Separated Projects 12/27/16
15-01 Guideline on Installation of Overhead Photo Enforced Signs 4/1/15
13-01 Standardization of Yellow Change and Red Clearance Intervals for Signalized Intersections 9/20/13

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