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Transportation Technology

Transportation Technology / Programs and Services

Programs and Services

FDOT: Transportation Technology

Civil Integrated Management (CIM) Services


Aerial Photography


Data Governance

GIS Enterprise View

Enterprise Data Governance

Transportation Data Inventory


To learn more, visit www.fdot.gov/cim.

Information Security Management (ISM) Services


Malware Operations

Computing Device Tracking

Security Consulting

Security Reporting


To learn more, visit www.fdot.gov/cybersecurity.

Information Technology (IT) Services


Information Technology Projects

Service Desk

Enterprise Communications

Web Master


To learn more, visit www.fdot.gov/it.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) Services


Organizational Change Management


To learn more, visit www.fdot.gov/technology.

Process and Quality Improvement (PQI) Services

Operational Assessment

Policy and Procedure Coordination

Program Frameworks

KPM Development and Analysis


To learn more, visit www.fdot.gov/technology/division/pqi.shtm



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