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Index Number Design Standards Revision (DSR) Index Title Design Information
Instructions for Design Stds (IDS) Data Table Cell Library Borderless DGNs


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2014 Design Standards eBook

Effective Jan 1 - December 31


Combined Available IDS
Combined Available CELs
Combined Available DGNs
Cover   Book Cover Cover    
Content   Table of Contents Content    
Revisions DSR Revision History Introduction    
001   Standard Abbreviations      
002   Standard Symbols      
104   Permanent Erosion Control      
105   Shoulder Sodding and Turf on Existing Facilities      
  DRAINAGE (199-288, 293-295) Drainage Contact
(289-292) Structures Contact
199   Geotextile Criteria IDS-199    
200   Structure Bottoms - Type J & P      
201   Supplementary Details for Manholes & Inlets      
205   Pipe Backfill      
206   Trench Drain      
210   Curb Inlet Tops - Types 1, 2, 3 & 4      
211   Curb Inlet Tops - Types 5 & 6      
212   Curb Inlet - Type 7      
213   Curb Inlet - Type 8      
214   Curb Inlet Top - Type 9      
215   Curb Inlet Top - Type 10      
216   Closed Flume Inlet      
217   Median Barrier Inlets Types 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5      
218   Barrier Wall Inlet      
219   Concrete Barrier Wall Inlet      
220   Gutter Inlet - Type S      
221   Gutter Inlet - Type V      
230   Ditch Bottom Inlet - Type A      
231   Ditch Bottom Inlet - Type B      
232   Ditch Bottom Inlets - Types C, D, E and H      
233   Ditch Bottom Inlets - Types F and G      
234   Ditch Bottom Inlet - Type J      
235   Ditch Bottom Inlet - Type K      
240   Skimmer for Outlet Control Structures      
241   Skimmers for Frenchdrain Outlets      
245   Underdrain Inspection Box      
250   Straight Concrete Endwalls - Single and Multiple Pipe      
251   Straight Concrete Endwalls - Single and Double 60" Pipe      
252   Straight Concrete Endwalls - Single and Double 66" Pipe      
253   Straight Concrete Endwalls - Single and Double 72" Pipe      
255   Straight Concrete Endwall - Single 84" Pipe      
258   Straight Sand - Cement Endwalls      
260   U-Type Concrete Endwalls With Grates - 15" to 30" Pipe      
261   U-Type Concrete Endwalls - Baffles and Grate Optional - 15" to 30" Pipe      
264   U-Type Concrete Endwall - Energy Dissipator - 30" to 72" Pipe      
266   Winged Concrete Endwalls - Single Round Pipe      
268   U-Type Sand-Cement Endwalls      
270   Flared End Section      
272   Cross Drain Mitered End Section      
273   Side Drain Mitered End Section      
280   Miscellaneous Drainage Details      
281   Ditch Pavement and Sodding      
282   Back of Sidewalk Drainage      
283   Median Opening Flume      
284   Concrete Shoulder Gutter Spillway      
285   French Drain      
286   Underdrain      
287   Concrete Pavement Subdrainage      
288   Deep Well Injection Box      
289   Concrete Box Culvert Details (LRFD) IDS-289 CEL-289 DGN-289
291   Supplemental Details for Precast Concrete Box Culverts IDS-291   DGN-291
292   Standard Precast Concrete Box Culverts IDS-292   DGN-292
293   Safety Modifications for Inlets In Box Culverts      
295   Safety Modifications for Endwalls      


300   Curb & Curb And Gutter      
301   Turn Lanes      
302   Traffic Separators IDS-302    
303   Curb Return Profiles      
304   Detectable Warnings and Sidewalk Curb Ramps IDS-304    
305   Concrete Pavement Joints      
306   Bridge Approach Expansion Joint - Concrete Pavement      
307   Miscellaneous Utility Details      
308   Concrete Slab Replacement      
310   Concrete Sidewalk      


(400-403,410-415, 430 & 461) Roadway Contact
(404,405,420-425, 470-484) Structures Contact
400 DSR Guardrail      
402 DSR Guardrail Transitions and Connections for Existing Bridges IDS-402    
403 DSR Guardrail Transitions for Existing Bridge Traffic Railing Retrofits IDS-403    
404 DSR Guardrail Transitions - Existing Post & Beam Bridge Railings (Narrow & Recessed Curbs) IDS-404   DGN-404
405   Guardrail Transitions - Existing Post & Beam Bridge Railings (Wide Curbs) IDS-405   DGN-405
410 DSR Concrete Barrier Wall      
411   Pier Protection Barrier IDS-411    
412   Low Profile Barrier      
414 DSR Type K Temporary Concrete Barrier System IDS-414    
415 DSR Temporary Concrete Barrier      
420 DSR Traffic Railing - (32" F Shape) IDS-420   DGN-420
421 DSR Traffic Railing - (Median 32" F Shape) IDS-421   DGN-421
422 DSR Traffic Railing - (42" Vertical Shape) IDS-422   DGN-422
423 DSR Traffic Railing - (32" Vertical Shape) IDS-423   DGN-423
424   Traffic Railing - (Corral Shape) IDS-424   DGN-424
425 DSR Traffic Railing - (42" F Shape) IDS-425   DGN-425
430 DSR Crash Cushion Details IDS-430    
461   Opaque Visual Barrier      
470   Traffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) General Notes & Details IDS-470   DGN-470
471   Traffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Narrow Curb   DGN-471
472   Traffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Wide Strong Curb Type 1   DGN-472
473   Traffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Wide Strong Curb Type 2   DGN-473
474   Traffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Intermediate Curb   DGN-474
475   Traffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Wide Curb Type 1   DGN-475
476   Traffic Railing - (Thrie Beam Retrofit) Wide Curb Type 2   DGN-476
477 DSR Thrie-Beam Panel Retrofit (Concrete Handrail) IDS-477   DGN-477
480   Traffic Railing - (Vertical Face Retrofit) General Notes & Details IDS-480   DGN-480
481   Traffic Railing - (Vertical Face Retrofit) Narrow Curb   DGN-481
482   Traffic Railing - (Vertical Face Retrofit) Wide Curb   DGN-482
483   Traffic Railing - (Vertical Face Retrofit) Intermediate Curb   DGN-483
484   Traffic Railing - (Vertical Face Retrofit) Spread Footing Approach   DGN-484


(500,505-535,544-560) Roadway Contact
(501,540) Structures Contact
500   Removal of Organic and Plastic Material      
501   Geosynthetic Reinforced Soils IDS-501   DGN-501
505   Embankment Utilization      
506   Miscellaneous Earthwork Details      
510   Superelevation - Rural Highways, Urban Freeways and High Speed Urban Highways      
511   Superelevation - Urban Highways and Streets      
514   Optional Base Group and Structural Numbers      
515   Turnouts      
516   Turnouts - Resurfacing Projects      
518   Rumble Strips      
521   Concrete Steps IDS-521    
525   Ramp Terminals      
526   Roadway Transitions      
527   Directional Median Openings      
530   Rest Area Pavilion      
532   Mailboxes      
535   Tractor Crossings      
540   Settlement Plate     DGN-540
544   Landscape Installation      
546   Sight Distance at Intersections      
560   Railroad Crossings      
600 DSR General Information for Traffic Control Through Work Zones      
601   Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work Outside Shoulder      
602   Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work on Shoulder      
603   Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work Within the Travel Way      
604   Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work in intersection      
605   Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work Near Intersection      
606   Two-Lane, Two-Way, Work Within the Travel Way - Signal Control      
607   Two-Lane, Two-Way, Mobile Operation, Work on Shoulder, Work Within the Travel Way      
608   Two-Lane, Two-Way, Temporary Diversion Connection      
611   Multilane, Work Outside Shoulder      
612   Multilane, Work on Shoulder      
613   Multilane, Work Within the Travel Way - Median or Outside Lane      
614   Multilane, Work Within the Travel Way - Center Lane      
615   Multilane, Work in Intersection      
616   Multilane, Work Near Intersection - Median or Outside Lane      
617   Multilane, Work in Intersection - Center Lane      
618   Multilane, Work in Intersection - Two Lanes Closed - 45 mph or Less      
619   Multilane, Mobile Operations, Work on Shoulder, Work Within the Travel Way      
620   Multilane, Divided, Temporary Diversion Connection      
621   Multilane, Undivided, Temporary Diversion Connection      
622   Multilane, Work Near Intersection-Temporary Diversion Connection-35 mph or Less      
623   Multilane, Work Within the Travel Way Double Lane Closure      
625   Temporary Road Closure - 5 Minutes or Less      
628   Two-Way Left Turn Lane Closure      
630   Crossover for Paving Train Operations, Rural      
631   Temporary Crossover      
635   Work in Vicinity of Railroad Crossing      
640   Converting Two-Lanes to Four-Lanes Divided, Rural      
641   Converting Two-Lanes to Four-Lanes Divided, Urban      
642   Transitions for Temporary Concrete Barrier Wall on Freeway Facilities      
650   Two-Lane, Two-Way Rural Structure Replacement      
651   Multilane, Divided, Maintenance and Construction      
655   Traffic Pacing      
660   Pedestrian Control for Closure of Sidewalks      
665   Limited Access, Temporary Opening      
667   Toll Plaza, Traffic Control Standards      
670   Motorist Awareness System      


Roadway Contact
700   Roadside Offsets IDS-700    


(800-803, 870,880) Roadway Contact
(810-862) Structures Contact
800   Fence Location      
801   Fence - Type A      
802   Fence - Type B      
803   Cantilever Slide Gate - Type B Fence      
810   Bridge Fencing (Vertical) IDS-810   DGN-810
811   Bridge Fencing (Curved Top) IDS-811   DGN-811
812   Bridge Fencing (Enclosed) IDS-812   DGN-812
820   Bridge Pedestrian/Bicycle Bullet Railing IDS-820   DGN-820
821   Bridge Aluminum Pedestrian/Bicycle Bullet Railing for Traffic Railing (32" F Shape) IDS-821   DGN-821
822   Bridge Aluminum Pedestrian/Bicycle Bullet Railing Details IDS-822   DGN-822
825   42" Concrete Pedestrian/Bicycle Railing IDS-825   DGN-825
851   Bridge Pedestrian/Bicycle Railing (Steel) IDS-851   DGN-851
852   Steel Pedestrian/Bicycle Railing IDS-852 CEL-852


861   Bridge Pedestrian/Bicycle Railing (Aluminum) IDS-861   DGN-861
862   Aluminum Pedestrian/Bicycle Railing IDS-862 CEL-862


870   Aluminum Pipe Guiderail IDS-870    
880   Steel Pipe Guiderail IDS-880    


Structures Contact
5200 DSR Precast Noise Walls IDS-5200 CEL-5200


5210   Traffic Railing/Noise Wall (8'-0") IDS-5210   DGN-5210
5211   Traffic Railing/Noise Wall (14'-0") IDS-5211   DGN-5211
5212   Traffic Railing/Noise Wall (8'-0") Junction Slab IDS-5212   DGN-5212
5213   Traffic Railing/Noise Wall T-Shape Spread Footing IDS-5213   DGN-5213
5214   Traffic Railing/Noise Wall L-Shaped Spread Footing IDS-5214   DGN-5214
5215   Traffic Railing/Noise Wall Trench Footing IDS-5215   DGN-5215
5250 DSR Perimeter Walls      


Structures Contact
6010   C-I-P Cantilever Retaining Wall IDS-6010 CEL-6010 DGN-6010
6011   C-I-P Gravity Wall IDS-6011   DGN-6011
6020   Permanent MSE Retaining Wall Systems IDS-6020 CEL-6020 DGN-6020
6030   Temporary MSE Retaining Wall Systems IDS-6030 CEL-6030 DGN-6030
6040   Precast Concrete Sheet Pile Wall IDS-6040 CEL-6040-CSPDA



6100   MSE Wall Coping (Precast or C-I-P) IDS-6100   DGN-6100
6110   Wall Coping With Traffic Railing/Junction Slab   DGN-6110
6120   Wall Coping With Traffic Railing/Raised Sidewalk   DGN-6120
6130   Wall Coping/Parapet With C-I-P Sidewalk   DGN-6130
6200   Coping Mounted Light Pole Pedestal     DGN-6200
6201   Junction Slab at Drainage Inlet Openings     DGN-6201


Roadway Contact
11200   Multi-Column Ground Sign IDS-11200    
11300   Steel Overhead Sign Structures      
11310   Cantilever Sign Structure IDS-11310 CEL-11310  
11320   Span Sign Structure IDS-11320 CEL-11320  
11860   Single Column Ground Signs IDS-11860    
11870   Single Post Bridge Mounted Sign Support IDS-11870   DGN-11870
11871   Single Post Median Barrier Mounted Sign Support IDS-11871    
13417   Mounting Exit Number Panels to Highway Signs      
17302   Typical Sections for Placement of Single & Multi-Column Signs      
17328   Typical Signing for Truck Weigh and Inspection Stations      
17344   School Signs & Markings      
17345   Interchange Markings      
17346   Special Marking Areas      
17347   Bicycle Markings      
17349   Traffic Controls for Street Terminations      
17350   Signing for Motorist Services      
17351   Welcome Center Signing      
17352   Typical Placement of Reflective Pavement Markers      
17354   Tourist Oriented Directional Signs      
17355   Special Sign Details      
17356   Span Wire Mounted Sign Details      
17357   Bridge Weight Restrictions      
17359   Rural Narrow Bridge Treatment      


Roadway Contact
17500   Conventional Lighting      
17501   Highway Lighting General Notes      
17502   High Mast Lighting IDS-17502    
17504   Service Point Details      
17505   External Lighting for Signs      
17515   Standard Aluminum Lighting IDS-17515    


Roadway Contact
17700   Pull and Splice Box      
17721   Conduit Installation Details      
17723   Steel Strain Pole IDS-17723    
17725   Concrete Poles IDS-17725    
17727   Signal Cable and Span Wire Installation Details      
17733   Aerial Interconnect      
17736   Electric Power Service      
17743   Standard Mast Arm Assemblies IDS-17743 CEL-17743  
17745   Mast Arm Assemblies IDS-17745 CEL-17745  
17748   Free-Swinging, Internally-Illuminated Street Sign Assemblies      
17764   Pedestrian Control Signal Installation Details      
17781   Vehicle Loop Installation Details      
17784   Pedestrian Detector Assembly Installation Details      
17841   Cabinet Installation Details      
17870   Standard Signal Operating Plans      
17881   Advance Warning for R/R Crossing      
17882   Railroad Grade Crossing Traffic Control Devices      
17890   Traffic Control Devices for Movable Span Bridge Signals      


Roadway Contact
17900   Traffic Monitoring Site      
  INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Intelligent Transportation Systems Contact
18100   CCTV Pole Placement      
18101   Typical CCTV Site      
18102   CCTV Pole Grounding      
18104   Typical CCTV Cabinet Equipment Layout      
18105   CCTV Block Diagram      
18107   Ground Mounted CCTV Cabinet      
18108   Pole Mounted CCTV Cabinet      
18110   Camera Mounting Details      
18111   Steel CCTV Pole IDS-18111    
18113   Concrete CCTV Pole IDS-18113    
18300   Dynamic Message Sign Walk-In      


Structures Contact
20005   Prestressed I-Beam Temporary Bracing IDS-20005 CEL-20005 DGN-20005
20010   Typical Florida-I Beam Details and Notes IDS-20010 CEL-20010 DGN-20010
20036   Florida-I 36 Beam - Standard Details DGN-20036
20045   Florida-I 45 Beam - Standard Details DGN-20045
20054   Florida-I 54 Beam - Standard Details DGN-20054
20063   Florida-I 63 Beam - Standard Details DGN-20063
20072   Florida-I 72 Beam - Standard Details DGN-20072
20078   Florida-I 78 Beam - Standard Details DGN-20078
20084   Florida-I 84 Beam - Standard Details DGN-20084
20096   Florida-I 96 Beam - Standard Details DGN-20096
20120   AASHTO Type II Beam IDS-20120 CEL-20120 DGN-20120
20199   Build-Up & Deflection Data for Prestressed I-Beams IDS-20199 CEL-20199 DGN-20199
20210   Typical Florida-U Beam Details and Notes IDS-20210 CEL-20210 DGN-20210
20248   Florida-U 48 Beam - Standard Details DGN-20248
20254   Florida-U 54 Beam - Standard Details DGN-20254
20263   Florida-U 63 Beam - Standard Details DGN-20263
20272   Florida-U 72 Beam - Standard Details DGN-20272
20299   Build-up and Deflection Data for Florida-U Beams IDS-20299 CEL-20299 DGN-20299


Structures Contact
20502   Beveled Bearing Plate Details - Prestressed Florida-U Beams IDS-20502 CEL-20502 DGN-20502
20510   Composite Elastomeric Bearing Pads - Prestressed Florida-I & AASHTO Type II Beams IDS-20510 CEL-20510 DGN-20510
20511   Bearing Plates (Type I) - Prestressed Florida-I & AASHTO Type II Beams IDS-20511 CEL-20511 DGN-20511
20512   Bearing Plates (Type 2) - Prestressed Florida-I & AASHTO Type II Beams IDS-20512 CEL-20512 DGN-20512


Structures Contact
20600   Notes and Details for Square Prestressed Concrete Piles IDS-20600 CEL-20600 DGN-20600
20601   Square Prestressed Concrete Pile Splices DGN-20601
20602   EDC Instrumentation for Square Prestressed Concrete Piles DGN-20602
20612   12'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile DGN-20612
20614   14'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile DGN-20614
20618   18'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile DGN-20618
20620   20'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile DGN-20620
20624   24'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile DGN-20624
20630   30'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile DGN-20630
20631   High Moment Capacity 30'' Square Prestressed Concrete Pile DGN-20631
20654   54'' Precast/Post-Tensioned Concrete Cylinder Pile IDS-20654 DGN-20654
20660   60'' Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pile IDS-20660 DGN-20660


Structures Contact
20900   Approach Slabs (Flexible Pavement Approaches) IDS-20900 CEL-20900 DGN-20900
20910   Approach Slabs (Rigid Pavement Approaches) IDS-20910 CEL-20910 DGN-20910


Structures Contact
21100   Strip Seal Expansion Joint IDS-21100 CEL-21100 DGN-21100
21110 DSR Poured Joint With Backer Rod Expansion Joint System IDS-21110 CEL-21110 DGN-21110


Structures Contact
21200   Light Pole Pedestal IDS-21200   DGN-21200
21210   Conduit Details IDS-21210   DGN-21210
21220   Navigation Light System Details (Fixed Bridges) IDS-21220   DGN-21220
21240   Maintenance Lighting for Box Girders IDS-21240   DGN-21240
21250 DSR Access Hatch Assembly for Steel Box Sections IDS-21250   DGN-21250
21251 DSR Access Hatch Assembly for Concrete Box Sections   DGN-21251
21252 DSR Access Door Assembly for Steel Box Sections      


Structures Contact
21300   Standard Bar Bending Details IDS-21300   DGN-21300


Structures Contact
21600   Temporary Detour Bridge General Notes and Details IDS-21600 CEL-21600 DGN-21600
21610   Temporary Detour Bridge Details -Timber Pile Foundations DGN-21610
21620   Temporary Detour Bridge Details -Steel H Pile Foundations DGN-21620
21630   Temporary Detour Bridge Details -Steel Pipe Pile Foundations DGN-21630
21640   Temporary Detour Bridge Thrie-Beam Guardrail DGN-21640


Structures Contact
21801   Post-Tensioning Vertical Profiles IDS-21800 CEL-21800b


21802   Post-Tensioning Anchorage Protection DGN-21802
21803   Post-Tensioning Anchorage and Grouting Details DGN-21803


Structures Contact
21900   Fender System- Polymeric Piles IDS-21900 CEL-21900 DGN-21900
21930   Fender System -Prestressed Concrete Piles IDS-21930 CEL-21930 DGN-21930