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Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

Bicycle and Pedestrian

Welcome to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities website. Here you can learn more about Florida's bicycle and pedestrian facilities, easily navigate related internal and external websites and contact your FDOT District Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator.


FDOT is a de-centralized agency and most programmatic decisions are made at the District level. Each District Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator is responsible for working with city and local governments, various Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and individuals within the District on related pedestrian and bicycle issues. The Statewide Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator, located in the central Roadway Design Office in Tallahassee, works with and through the FDOT District Coordinators.


For information regarding this program or website content, please contact our Statewide Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator, Mary O'Brien, by email at Mary.OBrien@dot.state.fl.us

Internal Links

Alert Today - Alive Tomorrow Alert Today Alive Tomorrow - Florida's Coalition for Safer Streets
Bicycle Facilities A description of the bicycle facilities found on State Roads and how to ride them effectively and safely
Bike Friendly Road Viewer A Florida Bicycle Friendly Roads Interactive GIS Viewer

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Complete Streets Implementation FDOT's Complete Streets Implementation Website
District Contacts Florida District Coordinators and Safety Specialists Contacts
FDOT Sun Trail Network FDOT's SunTrail statewide shared use path network
Pedestrian Facilities A description of the various sidewalks, paths, crosswalks and signal systems found on State roads and how to use them effectively and safely
Safety Office - Bike-Ped The FDOT Safety Office website related to pedestrian and bicycle safety issues and programs

External Links

A Florida Bike Touring Tip List Tip sheet from the Office of Greenways and Trails with information for bicycle touring in Florida
Adventure Cycling Information about bike touring nationwide, including mapped routes in the State of Florida
American Bicycling Education Assn American Bicycling Education Association - one-stop website for bicycle education classes
Bike Florida Information about touring and bicycle-related events in Florida
Bike-Ped Partnership Council Interagency council working to improve bicycling and walking safety in the State of Florida
Cycling Savvy Florida's home-grown and wildly successful traffic bicycling program
Florida Bicycle Association Information about pedestrian and bicycle laws, how to ride safely and bicycle advocacy in Florida
Florida State Parks Florida has an excellent system of state parks, many of which offer bicycling and hiking opportunities
How to use a Roundabout This video from the University of Florida shows how to use a modern Roundabout for Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists.
I Am Traffic What if you have no bike lane or trail, but still need to ride your bike? Visit this web site to learn about bicycling safely on whatever streets you've got
League of American Bicyclists National organization supporting bicycle advocacy and facilities planning
Office of Greenways and Trails Information about Florida's state-maintained greenways and trails system. On the Department of Environmental Protection website
Risks of Riding Right Video from Yay Bikes showing various risks of riding right. Driveways, sidewalks, street crossings, turning vehicles, weaving, car doors and other risks and cautions are discussed.
Tips for Cyclists FAQ and riding tips for cyclists on the Florida Bicycle Association website
Tips for Motorists FAQ and tips for motorists regarding cyclists' use of the road. On the Florida Bicycle Association website
Tips for Pedestrians Safety is a shared responsibility for all road users, including drivers and pedestrians. This site shares some tips to improve road safety for everyone.

Design Guides

Design Standards Provides specific drawings and standards for various elements that contribute to pedestrian as well as bicycle design
Florida Greenbook The Florida Greenbook (officially, the Manual of Uniform Minimum Standards for Design, Construction and Maintenance for Streets and Highways) is provided for local government use in the design of local streets and roads.


Note***Chapter 9 describes bicycle and pedestrian facilities; Chapter 19 describes standards for traditional neighborhood design (TND) communities that are inherently walk-able and bike-able
MUTCD Handbook This Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) handbook describes the various types of signs, signals, pavement markings and other devices used to control traffic on State roads
PPM Manual The Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) details how FDOT will plan and provide for pedestrian and bicycle facilities (see Chapter 8 - "Pedestrian, Bicycle and Public Transit Facilities")
TND Handbook This Traditional Neighborhood Communities handbook (TND) provides planning-level guidance for the design of Traditional Neighborhood communities that are inherently walk-able and bike-able
Traffic Engineering Manual Provides traffic engineering standards and guidelines to be used on the State Highway System. The manual covers the process whereby standards and guidelines are adopted, as well as chapters devoted to highway signs and markings, traffic signals, traffic optimization through the use of computer models