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Program Management

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Push-Button Specifications

Program Management

Guidelines for Usage of the Push-Button Specifications

  • Push-Button Specifications are to be included in all Push-Button Contracts. Do not use for Maintenance Contracts.
  • Push-Button Specifications are to be used only when authorized by the District Specifications Office.
  • All four Push Button Specifications must be used when the Contract is renewable. If the Contract is not renewable, omit the renewal specification and use the other three.
  • Any Modifications to the Push-Buttons Specifications must be approved by the State Program Management Office.

NOTE: When using the Renewal Specification on the Push-Button Contracts, the Contract Number must be entered properly into the TRNS∙PORT Contract Administration System.

Listed below are the Push-Button Specifications

SP0030100PB - Award and Execution of Contract.

SP0050100PB - Control of The Work.

SP0080013PB - Prosecution and Progress, Contract Renewal.

SP1021301PB - Maintenance of Traffic.