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Small County Outreach Program 

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Eligible SCOP Municipalities

FDOT Announces FY 2016-2019 SCOP Municipalities and Communities Project Award Recipients!


The Florida Legislature amended the Small County Outreach Program (SCOP) under Section 7 of Chapter 2014-169, Laws of Florida, to allow municipalities and communities in Rural Areas of Opportunity designated under Section 288.0656(7)(a), Florida Statutes to request funding for qualifying projects under a special appropriation of $9 million. Funding was first authorized in fiscal year 2014 and is contingent on continued annual authorization by the Florida Legislature. Currently, funding is anticipated to be available through state fiscal year 2020.

Rural Areas of Opportunity (RAO) include 92 municipalities and communities in more than 30 counties statewide that are eligible to apply for projects under Florida Statutes.

Designated Rural Areas of Opportunity

rural areas of opportunity

SOURCE: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity - December 2017

The purpose of this program is to assist municipalities and communities in repairing or rehabilitating local bridges, paving unpaved roads, addressing road-related drainage improvements, resurfacing or reconstructing local roads, or constructing capacity or safety improvements to local roads. Local funds match requirements are not applicable for projects awarded under the SCOP Specific Appropriation for Rural Areas of Opportunity.

For direct assistance with project applications, please contact your
District Local Programs Office


FY 2020 applications were due to the Department on Friday, March 30, 2018

Please submit all application materials to the Program Management Office at tatiana.daguillard@dot.state.fl.us


Mail Applications to:

Lorraine Moyle, State Local Program Administrator
605 Suwannee Street, M.S. 75
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
(850) 414-4384


Eligible Municipalities and Communities Address Book

Work Program Instructions for Small County Outreach Program

2017 Florida Statutes for Small County Outreach Program