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Professional Services Prequalification

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General Information

    Qualification Information
    RULE 14-75 Administrative Code
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Prequalified Consultants Report
    Name Changes, Mergers and Acquisitions to Professional Service Firms

Prequalification Information

    Prequalification Applications
    Sample Resumes

Job Cost Accounting Information

    Job Cost Accounting System Review Checklist
    Job Cost Accounting System Primer
    Job Cost Accounting System: What Consultants Need to Know
    Job Cost Accounting System: Internal Control Questionnaire

Audit / Accounting Information

    Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, Section 702
                 (Compensation Cap, also addressed in the current FAR 31.205-6)
    AASHTO Audit Guidelines
Contractor Cost Certification   Effective Starting Fiscal Year End 12/31/2012
    Reimbursement Rate Guidelines (Contact: Jeffrey Owens, Phone Number- (850) 414-4539)
    Important Change to Reimbursement for Permit Costs  
    Important Change to Audit Guidelines for Consultants with Field Office Expense Rate
    Requirement for Firms with both Audited Rates and Fee Schedule Rates
    Overtime Premium Policy
    Self Certification of Accounting System and Reimbursement Rates Form (Form 375-030-51)
    Simplified Self-Certification For Non-Professional Services Firms (Form 375-030-92)

Qualification Information

  1. Levels of Qualification

    There are two levels of Qualification:
    • Unlimited - This level of qualification allows consultants to compete for any projects for which they are technically qualified with the Department. Continued qualification at this level requires annual submittal of a qualification application along with proof of insurance, an overhead audit prepared by an independent CPA, a signed Contractor Cost Certification.
    • Minor Projects Only - This level of qualification allows consultants to compete for minor projects with fees estimated below $500,000. Contract advertisements identify whether a contract is a minor project or a major project. Continued qualification at the minor project level requires annual submittal of a qualification form along with proof of insurance. A self-certified overhead report and statement describing the firm's accounting system is ultimately required for contracting with the Department.
  2. Standard Work Types

    All consultants competing for contracts in the standard types of work must qualify with the Department in the applicable work types.  Qualification is not required for professional services contracts outside of the standard work types. Sub-consultants performing services in any of the standard types of work must also be qualified with the Department.
  3. For more information

    Please refer any questions to the Qualification Administrator, Carliayn Kell, at carliayn.kell@dot.state.fl.us, or to the Assistant Qualification Administrator, Kelly Walls, at kelly.walls@dot.state.fl.us.