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District Marketing Information

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Professional Services Contacts


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Contact Name



  District One Elizabeth Leopold (863) 519-2901 elizabeth.leopold@dot.state.fl.us  
  District Two Scott Blocker (368) 961-7617 scott.blocker@dot.state.fl.us  
  District Three Steve Thames (850) 330-1366 steve.thames@dot.state.fl.us  
  District Four Jessica Rubio (954) 777-4626 jessica.rubio@dot.state.fl.us  
  District Five Michelle Sloan (386) 943-5528 michelle.sloan@dot.state.fl.us  
  District Six Catrina Wilson (305) 470-5326 catrina.wilson@dot.state.fl.us  
  District Seven Rebecca Schwarz (813) 975-6461 rebecca.schwarz@dot.state.fl.us  
  Turnpike Enterprise Sheree Merting (407) 264-3495 sheree.merting@dot.state.fl.us  
  Central Office Angela Matiyow, P.E. (850) 414-4481 angela.matiyow@dot.state.fl.us  

Toll Free Telephone Numbers




Toll Free Number

  Central Office Tallahassee 1-866-374-FDOT 1-866-374-3368  
  District One Bartow 1-800-292-3368    
  District Two Lake City 1-800-749-2967    
  District Two Jacksonville 1-800-207-8236    
  District Three Chipley 1-888-638-0250    
  District Four Ft. Lauderdale 1-800-336-8435    
  District Five DeLand 1-800-780-7102    
  District Six Miami 1-800-435-2368    
  District Seven Tampa 1-800-226-7220    
  Turnpike Enterprise   1-800-749-7453