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Meetings & Training

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Throughout the year the Florida Department of Transportation Systems Management Section of the Systems Planning Office provides training programs to educate Districts, counties, and consultants on new techniques and updated information on various topics. On-site (in person) training events around the state, regular live webinar training, recorded webinars, presentations, and self guided training are provided.


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On-site (in-person) Training


Quality/Level of Service - FDOT's Planning Level Techniques and LOSPLAN Software
A two day training detailing the 2013 Quality/Level of Service Handbook and introducing participants to LOSPLAN.
(Training opportunities to be announced in the future.)


Interchange Access Request

A one and a half day training to discuss the policies and procedures of Interchange Access Requests.
(Training opportunities to be announced in the future.)


Introduction to Access Management

A one day course on the basics of access management.


Highway Capacity Software (HCS) 2010 Training

A two and a half day training to introduce participants to HCS 2010.


Transportation Impact Handbook Training

To see what this is about, go to: http://www.fdottransportationimpacthandbook.com


Mobility Review Guide Training

To see what this is about, go to: http://www.fdot.gov/planning/systems/programs/sm/mobility



Recorded Webinars, Presentations, and Self Guided Training


Access Management


Interchange Access Requests


Transportation Site Impact


Trip Generation


Quality/Level of Service


What's New with the FDOT Planning Level of Service Models and Techniques?
This training module provides a quick overview explaining the updates to the 2012 LOS Table and Software intended for the experienced user.



Live Webinars (Instructor Led)


Traffic Site Impact Handbook Webinar Series - To register Click Here

Upcoming Webinar Opportunities
Thursday, September 15, 2016
2:30 - 4:00 PM EDT



Access Management Webinar - Not currently scheduled




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