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State Materials Office

State Materials Office / Staff Directory / Structural Materials

Structural Materials Primary Contacts

FDOT: State Materials Office

Unit Manager


Paul Vinik, M.S.ChE, P.E.

State Structural Materials Engineer

Telephone: 352-955-6686

Fax: 850-412-8374


Chemistry Laboratory


Nikita Reed, B.S.ChE

Chemical Operations Manager

Telephone: 352-955-6654

Fax: 850-412-8366


Corrosion and Materials Durability


Ivan Lasa, B.S.C.E.

Steel Materials Administrator

Telephone: 352-955-2901

Fax: 850-412-8362

Materials Evaluation and Research


Michael (Mike) Bergin, P.E.

Concrete Materials Engineer

Telephone: 352-955-6666

Fax: 850-412-8352