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State Materials Office

State Materials Office / Staff Directory / Geotechnical Materials

Geotechnical Materials Primary Contacts

FDOT: State Materials Office

Unit Manager


David (Dave) Horhota, Ph.D., P.E.

State Geotechnical Materials Engineer

Telephone: 352-955-2924

Fax: 850-412-8270


Earthwork Operations


Dino Jameson, P.E.

Earthwork Engineer

Telephone: 352-955-2933

Field Operations and Test Pit


Jose Hernando, P.E.

Soils Field Operations Engineer

Telephone: 352-955-2928

Fax: 850-412-8255


Foundations, Soils and Aggregate Acceptance


John Shoucair, P.E.

Geotechnical Materials Engineer

Telephone: 352-955-2925

Fax: 850-412-8271