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Over-Weight Over-Dimension Permits

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PAS Self-Issued Permits Flyer
Customers can now SELF-ISSUE Trip Permits using the Permit Application System (PAS) for loads up to 16 feet wide, 18 feet high, 150 long and 200,000 pounds (140,000 pounds for self-propelled equipment). This means that no interaction with the Permit Office is required. In order to benefit from self-issued permits, the GIS feature in PAS must be used. Please contact the Permit Office at (850) 410-5777 with any questions.


Emergency Road Use Permit Letter 17-235 (5th Extension) and 17-287 (Extension)
Secretary's Emergency Order 17-235 (5th Extension) and 17-287 (Extension)
Executive Order 17-235 and 17-287

Effective March 2017 - Updates to Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 14-26

Important Documents

Name Attributes
Regulations and Fees (Chapter 14-26) Web Link
Weight Restrictions Charts 2016-11-10 - PDF Document - 658 KB
CRN-1 Map September 2017 - PDF Document - 4.5 MB
CRN-2 Map September 2017 - PDF Document - 5.1 MB
CRN-3 Map September 2017 - PDF Document - 4.7 MB
TTT-1 Map September 2017 - PDF Document - 5.1 MB
TTT-2 Map September 2017 - PDF Document - 4.6 MB
TTT-3 Map September 2017 - PDF Document - 4.9 MB
Blanket Permit Movement Conditions 2017-04-27 - PDF Document - 471 KB
Blanket Permit Route Restrictions 2017-03-15 - PDF Document - 724 KB
Holiday Movement Restrictions 2017 - PDF Document - 353 KB
PAS Frequently Asked Questions PDF Document - 35 KB
Do I need a Permit? - Trucking Manual Web Link - Scroll to bottom.
Paper Application (Mail/Walk-in Only) June 2016 - PDF Document - 75 KB

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