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Information Technology

Information Technology / Hours of Availability

Hours of Availability

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Office of Information Technology (OIT) has established scheduled Hours of Availability for OIT applications and services. These are the times that OIT will ensure the availability of these resources for use by our FDOT customers.

Although OIT strives to provide continuous service, systems do require occasional maintenance. OIT will always schedule maintenance outside the Hours of Availability unless circumstances require immediate attention. This means that some systems and services may occasionally be unavailable during intervals outside of the scheduled Hours of Availability.
If there is an emergency requiring the disruption of systems or services during the scheduled Hours of Availability, appropriate notices will be sent to our Florida Department of Transportation Customers.

All times are Eastern Time (GMT -05:00)
  Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
(FM, CITS, Trns*port, etc.)
Available 6am-9pm 6am-7pm No Guaranteed Availability
Maintenance 9pm-6am 7pm -11:59pm All Day
EMAIL and Network
(Exchange, Enterprise Vault)
Available 6am-11:59pm 6am-7pm No Guaranteed Availability
Maintenance 12am-6am 7pm-11:59pm All Day
(Internet, intranet, TSO, FOCUS, SAS, and access to application databases for ad hoc reporting
Available 6am-11:59pm 7am-7pm No Guaranteed Availability
Maintenance 12am-6am 7pm-11:59pm All Day