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Trans Tech Manual

Chapter Title Current Historical
Intro Introduction to the Transportation Technology User's Manual 07/01/2018 Historical
  Chapter Definitions 12/01/2018 Historical
1 Computer Security Incident Response 07/01/2018 Historical
2 Access to the Department’s Transportation Technology (Redacted from Internet Publication. A full version of this manual chapter is available on the Office of Information Technology’s internal site only) 07/01/2018 Historical
3 Information Systems Roles and Responsibilities 07/01/2018 Historical
4 Executive Governance Board RESCINDED  
5 Electronic Security for Public Records Exemptions 07/01/2018 Historical
6 Microcomputer Information Technology Resources: Evaluation RESCINDED  
7 Acquiring Information Technology Resources 07/01/2018 Historical
8 Information Technology Resource Standards 07/01/2017 Historical
9 Software Distribution 07/01/2018 Historical
10 Use of Voice Communications Equipment 07/01/2017 Historical
11 Electronic Device and Media Sanitation 07/01/2018 Historical
12 Electronic Document Management and Geographic Information Systems 07/01/2017 Historical
13 Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Requirements 07/01/2018 Historical
14 Requesting Special Scheduling of Mainframe Computer Resources 03/20/2015 Historical
15 FDOT Internet Requirements 07/01/2018 Historical
16 FDOT Intranet 07/01/2017 Historical
17 Source Code License Agreement 07/01/2018 Historical
18 Information Asset Certification for the Enterprise Information Portal RESCINDED  
19 Application Systems Service Request RESCINDED  
20 Security and the Use of Mobile Internet Technology Resources 03/20/2015 Historical
21 Acquiring and Managing Digital Certificates 07/01/2018 Historical
22 GIS Information Technology Resources 07/01/2017 Historical
23 Security and Use of Digital Certificates 07/01/2018 Historical
24 SSL VPN Through the DMS Request Process 09/20/2016