Florida Department of Transportation - IT - Z / Server Dependent Production Applications

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Information Technology

Information Technology / Z/Server Dependent Production Applications

Z/Server Dependent Production Applications

The Department has a large scale, integrated infrastructure in which the Z/Enterprise Server (formerly known as the mainframe) is a key component. The Department's computer applications have been built to optimally leverage this infrastructure, so many of them have specific dependencies to the mainframe. Accordingly, when the mainframe is inaccessible these applications will be too.

As of April 12, 2016, the following Production applications have a dependency on the z/Server:

Z/Server Only CICS Based Applications
Acronym Description
ARI Accounts Receivable Invoicing
CAR Crash Analysis and Reporting
EED Electronic Estimate Disbursement
FPM Financial Management System - Federal Programs Management
MSI Materials and Supplies Inventory
PCM Financial Management System - Project Cost Management
PCR Pavement Coring Reporting
PPS Personnel / Payroll System
PRT Project Reporting and Tracking
SHR Skid Hazard Reporting System
STP SAMAS Table Processing
WPA Financial Management System - Work Program Administration
Z/Server Dependent Web Based Applications
Acronym Description
BMSCI Bridge Management System - Clearance Issues
BQA Bid Questions and Answers
CFM Contract Funds Management
CFS Cash Forecasting System
CITS Consultant Invoice Transmittal System
CPP Contract Proposal Processing
CPQ Contract Pre-Qualification
DAS Departmental Accounting System
EIP Enterprise Information Portal (only certain portions)
EPS Employee Performance System
ERC Electronic Review Comments
FAMS Federal Authorization Management System
FDOTracker FDOTracker
FIDO FLAIR Information Delivery Option
FPS Financial Project Search
FIRM Facilities Inventory Reporting and Maintenance
IAR Industrial Accident Reporting (outdated 2016-03-01)
LAPIT Local Agency Program Information Tool
LFA Local Funds Agreement
LRE Long Range Estimating
MAC Materials Acceptance Certification
MEQ Mobile Equipment
OWP Office of Work Program
PET Petroleum
PIT Permit Information Tracking System
PSI Professional Services Information
PSM Project Scheduling and Management
PSEE Project Suite Enterprise Edition (original module only)
RCI Roadway Characteristics Inventory
RWMS Right of Way Management System
SCD Statewide Construction Database (outdated 2016-03-01)
SRS Staff Repository System
TCI Traffic Characteristics Inventory
TTS Training Tracking System
TVI Transportation Vendor Information
VER Value Engineering Reporting

Should more details be required regarding this information, please contact the DBA Tech group at CO-DBAT@dot.state.fl.us.