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Frequently Asked Questions

Picture of a Florida Roadway

Are your images available on-line?

Yes. Please see our list of Available Years (PDF).

How do I order your aerial photography?

Please use the Aerial Photography Look Up System (APLUS).

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How long will it take to receive my images?

Most requested are filled immediately through APLUS. For larger areas and counties request, we try to fill within 7 business days. If you would like to get the data directly, our office is open for walk-in request Monday through Friday.

What is the cost of your service?

Per Public Records Request Laws, no cost for reasonable request.

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I would like several counties. What’s the best way to request this?

By using our APLUS application. Please note that large requests such as multiple years or counties may require you to provide us a portable USB hard drive. All 67 counties now total over 1.2 TB. Please send the appropriate sized hard drive(s) as needed and return shipping information.

Send to:
Attn: Image Services
Florida Dept. of Transportation
605 Suwannee St MS-5L
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Do you have any earlier dates available?

Yes, please see the list of available years (PDF) or contact us directly.

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Do you have a list of available years of online datasets?

Yes, please see the list of available years.

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Can I search by address?

No. Currently this functionally is not available. We are working to restore Search by Address.

Can you pull up the map by using Section/Township/Range  (S/T/R)? If so, how do you do that?

Yes. Under the Area of Interest tab on left sideSelect the STR button located  of the "Zoom to" tool bar. After the map zooms into that section, you will need to select the Request tab to draw your area of interest.

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Is it possible to change the scale or size of an image?

Yes. Various software applications are available to scale, resize or georeference images. For more information please see the User Guide [PDF].

Is it possible to get better resolution?

Most of the online digital imagery ranges from 1.5' resolution down to 0.25' resolution. The current standard for statewide orthorectified aerial photography is 0.5' color. For larger scale aerials, please visit our office.

What projection or coordinate system are your images in?

For the most part, State Plane-Feet. There are some images using metric unit. It is critical to always read the metadata file for exact unit and projection information.

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What formats are available?

The primary format is MrSid. This format is used due to the large file size of aerial photography.  To change the from the MrSid format please see the User Guide[PDF].

What is MrSID format?

MrSID is a unique raster file format developed by LizardTech to reduce large, high-resolution images to a fraction of their original size while maintaining near original image quality.

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The images I received cover too much area. May I get them cropped to cover just my area

Due to limited resources, we do not typically offer this service.  If your request requires a smaller cropped area, please contact Image Services.

Why doesn't my image open correctly in CAD software?

For MicroStation users, the workspace preferences are often not set correctly. Select Raster Manager from the Preferences dialog box. Select the Georeference tab and change the Unit Settings to "feet". Under Sister File, we usually have all items checked on. See User Guide[PDF]

For AutoCAD Civil 3D users, see AutoCAD MrSid User Guide.

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For additional information please contact Image Services, or phone (850) 414-4263