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CADD/GIS Interoperability

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CAD to GIS Process
Implementation Plan/Schedule
Future Discipline and Features
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With the Departments’ recent creation of an enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) and increasing customer demand for geographic information to aid in making critical management decisions, a cost effective and efficient system for passing valuable computer assisted drafting and design (CADD) data to our GIS environment is needed. With that goal in mind the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) was brought in to examine FDOT’s current systems, practices and processes to develop a strategic implementation plan to manage this valuable data. For more information please see the TTI Final Report (PDF).

Building on the TTI research we have identified and focused on several initial primary features to be passed to GIS, and have developed the workflows and processes required to accomplish this goal. We took advantage of our existing licensed products, and our current CADD delivery standards, to make this new GIS deliverable fit seamlessly into our production plans.


CAD to GIS Process

Create GIS features in either of our CADD environments per the FDOT CADD Manual. Export features and publish to GIS and create new layers for consumption by our GIS customers. Initial focus is on right of way lines, parcels and centerline (alignment). For more details, see the CAD/GIS Interoperability Presentation (PowerPoint, 10MB) and CADD-GIS Guidelines (PDF, 2.68MB)

Implementation Plan/Schedule (estimated)

Project Scope/Research and Testing: March 2013-February 2014
District Pilot Project: Estimated to begin March 2014
Implementation: Coincide with the release of the 2014 FDOT software

Future Discipline and Features

We anticipate the next features to be added to CADD and exported to GIS, will be Utility features. Also, we will be looking at this process in reverse, using GIS data to reference into the CADD environments.

Contact Information

Rebecca Barber
Geographic Mapping Specialist

Phone: (850) 414-4389
e-mail: Rebecca.Barber@dot.state.fl.us

John Hazlip, PSM
Staff Surveyor
Phone: (850) 414-4415
e-mail: John.Hazlip@dot.state.fl.us