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Equal Opportunity Office

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Title VII FAQs

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Title VII FAQs    


Q. Who can file a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Office (EOO)?
A.  Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) employees as well as applicants for FDOT positions can file discrimination complaints.  

Q. If I believe I have been discriminated against, what are my options?
A.  Employees may file internally with FDOT or externally with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)  or Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR) . Informal internal complaints may be filed with a District Intake Officer or formal internal complaints with the EOO.  


Q.  As an employee who files a complaint, when will I have access to documents gathered during the investigation or the written report? 
A. While an investigation is being conducted, all information and testimony is confidential.  However, once the written report is finalized, all documents become public record.


Q.  Do I need a lawyer before answering questions from the EOO?
A.  No. It is not necessary for witnesses to consult with a legal representative prior to answering questions from EOO staff members.  If a witness chooses to have a legal representative present during an EOO interview, the representative will not be able to ask or answer questions during the interview.    


Q.  Does the FDOT's Office of the General Counsel (OGC) represent employees accused of discrimination?
A.   No.   The role of the OGC is to protect the interests of the FDOT.   


Q.  Will my supervisor be notified if I file a discrimination complaint?
A.   Yes.  The supervisor will be notified if (s)he is named in the complaint, is listed as a witness or if subordinates (s)he supervises are listed as witnesses.   


Q. Can I have an active discrimination complaint with the EOO and the EEOC or the FCHR at the same time?
A.  No.  A discrimination complaint filed with an external agency (EEOC or FCHR) takes precedence over an internal complaint filed with the EOO.  Upon receipt of an externally filed complaint, the EOO is required to close the internal complaint.  


Q.  Is a supervisor prevented from taking disciplinary action against an employee after (s)he files a discrimination complaint?
A. No.  The filing of a discrimination complaint does not negate a supervisor's responsibility to take warranted non-discriminatory disciplinary action against an employee. However, a supervisor is barred from retaliating by taking negative employment actions against the employee because (s)he filed a complaint, opposed a discriminatory employment action or participated in a discrimination investigation.  

Q. Who do I need to contact to request an American Disability Act (ADA) accommodation?
A.  Discuss your request with your supervisor and your supervisor will contact the District or Central Office Personnel.