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Equal Opportunity Office

Equal Opportunity Office /Civil Rights Programs / Contract Compliance / Contract Compliance Contact List

Contract Compliance Contact List

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EOO Contract Compliance


Central Office    
Equal Opportunity Office
Stefan Kulakowski
Contract Compliance Administrator
(850) 414-4742 stefan.kulakowski@dot.state.fl.us
State Construction Office
Patty Vickers 
Prevailing Wage Rate Coordinator
(850) 414-4492 patty.vickers@dot.state.fl.us
District Contract Compliance Managers    
District One
Jacquelin Brown (863) 519-2757 jacquelin.brown@dot.state.fl.us
District Two
Brenda Crews (386) 961-7836 brenda.crews@dot.state.fl.us
District Three
Wanda Syfrett (850) 330-1247 wanda.syfrett@dot.state.fl.us
District Four
Shavon Nelson (954) 777-4190 shavon.nelson@dot.state.fl.us
District Five
Dennis Kirk (386) 943-5369 dennis.kirk@dot.state.fl.us
District Six
Stanley Ford (305) 640-7459 stan.ford@dot.state.fl.us
District Seven
Mary Blasewitz (813) 242-2459 mary.blasewitz@dot.state.fl.us
Turnpike Enterprise
Karen Sheehan (954) 934-1126 karen.sheehan@dot.state.fl.us