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Emergency Management

Office Manager
Irene Cabral
Emergency Coordination Officer

605 Suwannee Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399

(850) 414-5336 Office
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Hurricane Jeanne seen from the International Space Station on 25 September 2004


FDOT Emergency Management is a vital element of the State Emergency Response Team (SERT). Comprised of local, state and federal officials, the SERT ensures that Florida is prepared to respond to, recover from and mitigate against disasters.

Winter Weather

Welcome to Florida sign and snow in D3 on January 28, 2014

The Sunshine State is known around the world for beautiful beaches and warm weather, but winter happens… even in Florida. As temperatures decrease this season, be sure to remember the Five Ps of Cold Weather.

  • Protect People — Dress in layers and wear a hat and gloves. Stay out of the wind and keep dry. Check on young children and elders who are the most sensitive to cold weather.
  • Protect Pets — Be sure to bring outdoor pets inside or give them a warm shelter.
  • Protect Plants — Cover cold-sensitive plants to protect them from the dangerous temperatures.
  • Protect Pipes — Cover pipes and allow outdoor faucets to drip slowly to prevent them from freezing and breaking.
  • Practice Fire Safety — Use safe heating equipment indoors. Do not use solid fuel burning devices such as grills; they release carbon monoxide, a deadly gas. If using space heaters, follow the instructions and be attentive to open flames.

2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Summary

The Atlantic basin experienced its first above-normal season since 2012. There were fifteen named storms, including seven hurricanes (Alex, Earl, Gaston, Hermine, Matthew, Nicole and Otto) and three major hurricanes (Gaston, Matthew and Nicole).

In Florida, this season was notable for Hurricane Hermine — the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida since Wilma in 2005 — and Hurricane Matthew. Tropical Storms Colin and Julia also made landfall in the state.

Please read NOAA's "First above-normal Atlantic hurricane season since 2012 produced five landfalling U.S. storms" article for additional details.

2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
  • Tobias
  • Virginie
  • Walter