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Production Support

Production Support / Staff Directory

Staff Directory

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Dan Scheer, P.E. State Production Support Engineer (850) 414-4782
Jennifer Weeks Administrative Assistant (850) 414-4378
Jeff Caster, RLA Landscape Architect, Highway Beautification, Scenic Highways (850) 414-5267
Ashley Binder, RLA Landscape Architect, Highway Beautification, Scenic Highways (850) 414-4561
Dean Perkins, Architect Architect, ADA Issues, Rest Areas, Asbestos (850) 414-4359

Project Management

Robert Quigley, P.E. State Project Management Engineer (850) 414-4356
Bobby Bull, P.E. Scope of Services & Staff Hour Estimation, Project Management Training (850) 414-4373
Vacant Training Coordinator, Design Academy, Design Expo, PE Training (850) 414-xxxx
Sid Kamath, P.E. Consultant Evaluation, Errors and Omissions, PM Handbook (850) 414-4343

Project Review

Kurt Lieblong, P.E. State Value Engineer (850)-414-4787
Ben Lewis Production Support Specialist (850)-414-4197
Jim Wolfe Production Support Specialist (850)-414-4126
Roger McLendon Engineering Systems Specialist (850)-414-4079

CADD Program Administrator

Vacant Statewide CADD Coordinator (850)-414-xxxx
Vern Danforth CADD Applications Engineer (850)-414-4897

CADD Applications Development

Michael Robertson CADD Applications Development Coordinator (850)-414-4779
Andrew Fuller CADD Applications Development Specialist (850)-414-4829
Ashleigh Smith CADD Applications Development Specialist (850)-414-4294
James Worley CADD Applications Development Specialist (850)-414-4794
Jason Roberts CADD Applications Development Specialist (850)-414-4766
Marlon Dunn CADD Applications Development Specialist (850)-414-4798

CADD Applications Support

Jimmie Prow CADD Applications Support Coordinator (850)-414-4863
Bob Thorburn CADD Applications Support Specialist (850)-414-4778
Christopher Thorp CADD Applications Support Specialist (850)-414-4884
Kandi Daffin CADD Applications Support Specialist (850)-414-4711
Matt Sexton CADD Applications Support Specialist (850)-414-4840
Michele Schiele CADD Applications Support Specialist (850)-414-4872
Mike Racca CADD Applications Support Specialist (850)-414-4841
Randy Roberts CADD Applications Support Specialist (850)-414-4896