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Production Support

Office Manager

State Production Support Engineer

605 Suwannee St. MS-40
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Tel: 850-414-4380
Fax: 850-414-4796

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The Production Support Office is one of 3 divisions under the Office of Design, along with  Roadway Design and Structures Design. Our Office provides leadership, guidance and support for managing and delivering the design phase of projects. We assist designers, project managers, consultants and FDOT employees in meeting production schedules and delivering a quality design product. Our Program Areas include:

    CADD Highway Beautification Scenic Highways
    Cost Savings Initiatives Landscape Architecture Value Engineering
    Design Training Project Management Wildflower Program
    Electronic Review and Comment (ERC)    


Production Support Memorandum 18-02 
Posted: November, 15, 2018
Migration of TIMS and PEDDS to VAULT

Production Support Memorandum 18-01 
Posted: August, 2, 2018
Digital Signature Updates for Professional Engineers

CADD Manual Update 
Posted: April,5 2018
CADD Manual Updated April 5, 2018

Structures Design Bulletin 17-09 / Production Support Bulletin 17-01 
Posted: July, 19, 2017
Inclusion of FDOT Standard Plans for Bridge Construction in Contract Plans


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