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Office of Design


Production Support

The Production Support Office provides leadership, guidance and support for managing and delivering the design phase of projects. We assist designers, project managers, consultants and FDOT employees in meeting production schedules and delivering a quality design product. Our program areas include Project Management, Engineering and CADD systems, Scenic Highways, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Accessibility (Americans with Disabilities Act), Value Engineering, Cost Savings Initiatives, Electronic Review and Comment (ERC) system, Highway Beautification, and Design Training delivery.

Roadway Design

The Roadway Design Office is comprised of five sections: Roadway Criteria, Roadway Standards, Quality Assurance, Pavement Management, and Drainage/Hydraulics Design. We develop and disseminate policies, procedures, training, criteria and standards for the design of Florida roadways. We also provide support to other central office units and FDOT's Districts in these areas of practice.

Structures Design

Provides design guidance and technical assistance for structural, geotechnical, mechanical and electrical issues related to structural design and construction.

Surveying and Mapping

Provides leadership, guidance and support in policy and procedure to the Surveying and Mapping program statewide in the areas of Surveying, Right of Way Mapping, and Aerial Survey and Mapping. Production functions of this office are Surveying and Mapping, Aerial Survey Production, Florida Permanent Reference Network (FPRN), Aerial Photo Look-up System (APLUS), County Mapping, and the Official State Transportation Map.

Other Related Offices

Construction Office

Program Management