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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Do I need to be prequalified?  Am I a Sub Contractor or a Prime Contractor?

Prime Contractor: The contractor that is awarded a contract by the FDOT and is responsible for ensuring the work is completed on time and is in compliance with all aspects of the contract.  If a Prime Contractor is interested in bidding on construction jobs over $250,000, then prequalification per Rule Chapter 14-22 F.A.C. is required.

Sub Contractor:  The contractor(s) hired by the Prime Contractor for the purpose of completing specific parts of the contract.  A Sub Contractor does not bid directly to the FDOT and does not need to be prequalified.

2. What if I'm a Prime Contractor who wants to bid on a job that's less than $250,000? 

You do not need to be prequalified if your bid will be less than $250,000.

3. I want to bid as a Prime Contractor but I am not prequalified and the estimated amount is more than $250,000, but my bid will be less than $250,000, can I bid? 

For any project that requires prequalification a Prime Contractor would need to be prequalified in order to bid. This applies to Construction and Design-Build projects.

4. How do I register with My Florida Marketplace?  Why do I need to do this?

All companies who wish to do business with the State of Florida must register with My Florida Marketplace.  If you're ordering Plans and Specifications or Bid Documents for the first time, you need to go to the following link and register: https://myfloridamarketplace.com/ 

It takes about 3 days to obtain an active vendor number.  My Florida Marketplace is in a separate agency.  For any questions, please visit the My Florida Marketplace FAQ, email the Vendor Help Desk at VendorHelp@myfloridamarketplace.com, or call (866) FLAEPRO (352-3776) 8:00 am - 5:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

5. How do I get Plans, Specifications, or Bid Documents for an upcoming FDOT job?

Please access the Online Ordering Information under Quick Links.

6. How do I find out about advertised projects?

Projects advertised for bids are listed in the "Bid Solicitation Notice".  You can view the Bid Solicitation Notice on the Contracts Administration Website  or subscribe to an email notification.  The email notification will alert you of projects advertised in Tallahassee (Central Office) and in the District Offices throughout the State of Florida.

7. I need a Bidder's List for an advertised project.

We have both the Proposal Holder's and Plan Specifications Holder's Lists on our Contracts Administration Project Information page.  Select the Letting Date via the drop down menu and the desired list from the Important Letting Documents menu on the next page.  Please note that the list is removed per Florida Statute two working days prior to the deadline to receive a bid document, which is three business days before the bid opening.

8. I'm new to bidding FDOT projects. How do I complete my bid?

If you are a proposal holder and you are preparing your bid, please be sure to read the Bidder's Checklist.  For any other questions please call our office at (850) 414-4000.

9. How do I obtain the FDOT Standard Specification for Road and Bridge Construction? 

The FDOT Standard Specifications are available online at the Program Management Office Website or you may visit the Maps and Publications Office website to order a copy online or call (850) 414-4050.

10. When are bid tabulations available on the website?

Bid tabulations are available on the day the Department posts the Intent to Award for that project.

11. When does posting happen?

Each letting has two distinct posting dates, known as First Posting and Second Posting. If a project does not make the first posting date, it is usually placed on the second posting.

12. How long does it take before letting results are posted on the website?

The letting results are available in real time, and will be updated until the last bid is received. It is usually posted within an hour after the letting.

13. Our company has never applied for prequalification, can we apply anytime during the year?

All applications must be submitted with audited financial statements that reflect the financial position of the applicant  no more than 4 months from the fiscal year end of the company. For example, if your company has a December 31st year end, you will need to apply by April 30th. If you miss this deadline, you will need interim audited financial statements.  This applies to companies applying the first time as well as those submitting annual applications.


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